The Closest Thing To Natural: PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners #forbetterbeginnings

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No one told me how hard breastfeeding was going to be after you’ve had a c-section. No one even told me how hard a c-section was mentally especially after being so dead set on delivering naturally. After my traumatic birthing experience and Camila ending up in the NICU, my mind wasn’t mentally prepared for the hurdles of breastfeeding. I spent my whole pregnancy preparing for it and I beat myself up pretty hard after feeling like such a failure. I hadn’t done much to prepare for bottles, so hopefully. this reaches a mama that felt the same way I did or is going through something similar. Always remember that fed is best!

There are so many bottles out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, but we started using the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners it was like a match made in heaven!

Here’s the lowdown on the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners

If you’re looking for a bottle that closely mimics what baby would be getting when breastfeeding whether you’re supplementing, pumping, or formula feeding. The Drop-Ins® Liners mimic what your breast would do, as the baby feeds it collapses so that reduces the amount of air your baby gets which in turn gives you a lower chance of having a colic-y baby.

My favorite thing about the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners is the drop-ins aspect of it. You don’t waste too much time washing the bottle because you can just throw out the liners, this means way more time with a happy baby too. 

Often when switching in between breast & bottle the baby picks up a nipple preference, Mila did this so some of the bottles I had gotten at my baby shower I had to throw out because she hated the nipple and I couldn’t use it. She preferred wider nipples that looked closer to a breast. The nipple on the PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners is a NaturaLatch® Nipple with a natural wide shape and raised edges that are clinically proven to help baby latch.

As parents it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but if we keep in mind that we always want the best for our babies. The PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners are the closest thing I’ve come across that simulates breastfeeding.

The PlaytexBaby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners are up for a Mom’s Pick Award. Head over to to vote now!

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