Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm so happy that you're here!

My name is Ashley Segura, a 26-year-old mother with a passion for food, style, sharing my experiences on motherhood, and my culture. I aim to erase the negative stigma that comes along with creating a family at such a young age, along with my husband through my writing, pictures, and sharing our lifestyle.

I was born & raised as a Chicana in San Antonio Texas but moved to Houston sometime after my parent's divorce. I completed high school and college simultaneously by attending a dual-credit high school and promptly started my military training as an intelligence analyst. Sometimes, I think I joined because I didn't know what I wanted in life and I needed a space where the pressure wasn't so intensely focused on what I wanted to be & do. Almost 2 years into my service I found out I was pregnant and decided to end my military career to focus on my family.

I married my high school sweetheart, Jeff (who also blogs) and we created a family after being told it would be close to impossible with my diagnosis of PCOS. Our miracle baby was born, but not without some complications, thus New Mom in a New Era was born.(Read our birth story here)

My blog was created as a way for me to cope with my very traumatic birthing experience & an attempt to not fall into the grasp of Postpartum Depression. Writing has always been an outlet for me to express myself freely & openly without judgment. It is a space where I can be my true self, and I have found such an enormous relief from it. I'm not the most social person when you meet me, my words don't flow fluently & aren't as memorable as they are on paper. I wasn't blessed with both like my husband is!

The responses I got from my readers and the community I created that shared the same experiences as me, made me feel like I wasn't less of a woman, that my body didn't fail me, that I didn't fail at motherhood before it even started. I felt accepted & normal while accepting & helping other mothers who felt the same way.

Fast forward almost 3 and a half years, we welcomed our surprise baby, Isabella Luna! She truely has added more joy than we could have ever imagined. She is our last and final baby, so I'm soaking in all of the moments and enjoying my time.

How My Blog Got its Name

The era of technology has brought us to the age of overwhelming information. There isn't a lot of privacy with social media, which gives people the illusion that it's their place to judge your decisions as a parent, a woman & a human being. Which is a part of my blog's name, the New Mom in me feels like I'll always be that. At every stage of my daughter's life, it will be my first time experiencing the joys (& woes) of parenthood. Now with my second daughter, almost 4 years later I feel like I am a new mom all over again because every child is different & should be treated that way. What worked for your first might not work for your second or third!

Style, Food & Motherhood

My love for these three things has found a permanent place on my blog because they are such huge parts of myself and my life. My fondest memories are all around a table of good food & good people. I love the way food can bring people together & my culture is so interlaced in those memories. Style has always been something I loved but felt like I couldn't express, mainly because all my life I've struggled with my weight and a positive body image. Especially now, when my weight fluctuates every other week. I definitely don't have the military body that I used to, but I have come to love myself in any shape that it comes. I've learned that wearing the right clothing can boost your mood & confidence tremendously! So I wanted to share my journey, and show women that people with average bodies like mine can be fashionable, look good, & feel great too!  Right now in the world, there is so much hate towards my people, and I want to bring some positive light to who we really are. I feel like I do just that through my pictures & my stories.

People you might read about on my blog: 

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 My daughter also referred to as Mila or Mila Bear. Though now at 4 years of age she preffers to be called Dina Unicorn . She is a dinosaur obbsessed, outgoing and outspoken girl who can break out in a roar at any moment!

Our second baby girl, we call her Bella or Baby B!

My little brother, I felt the need to include him because everyone always thinks they are twins because Noah & Mila are the same age!