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This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my honest opinions. 

I can't believe we already made it to a whole year with our little Bella! When they say every baby is different, they mean every baby is different. I know I had Mila and Noah but they were probably the calmest kids ever. Since Bella has been walking since 9 months, I just can't get her to slow down. I've made it this far thanks to some essentials I keep stocked up and on hand when I just need her to sit still to change her diaper or to wash her hair. Luckily I can find everything I need at Walmart

Even going to the shop is so much different from her! If I don't have a toy handy I stop by the toy aisle and pick one up to keep her occupied. 

Today's Walmart run consisted of several things from the amazing baby section! I had to stock up on some diapers and wipes, a couple bath body washes, and some toys. The toys I found were more to help Bella develop her motor skills. Toys like this help keep her focused on a task that way she'll sit still when I'm trying to brush her hair after a bath or change her diaper. 

Bath time is always a struggle for us since she is such a busy-body. I love these foam letters that stick to the walls of the tub, they keep her entertained and let me wash her hair with ease. I always keep the tub stocked with our favorite Johnson's Baby body washes & bubble baths.

I love Hello Bello's cute patterned diapers! I tend to keep little diapering stations filled with diapers, wipes, toys & lotions all over the house that way I'm ready ahead of time.

What are your best tips for keeping baby occupied when you're trying to do something?

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This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my own honest opinions. 

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I wanted to share my experiences with breastfeeding plus a list of things from Walmart I really could not have made it through my breastfeeding journey with Bella without.

When I was pregnant with Mila I had my heart set on having her naturally and breastfeeding her. I remember everyone telling me that it was going to be so easy because people have been breastfeeding since the dawn of time. No one had prepared me for how much it was going to hurt, how long it was going to take to get a hang of it, and how frustrating it would be. I ended up having a C-Section with Mila, and she ended up in the NICU for a week. The first 2 days of her life I had only seen her for the 2 minutes after they pulled her out. I was still managing to get my fever under control, in pain, and trying to pump. I cried so much those two days because I wasn't expecting it to be so painful. I ended up giving up since in the NICU they started giving her a bottle anyways. 

With Bella, I was a little more prepared for it, and we breastfed for 4 months. You don't understand how proud I was that we lasted that long. For me, my breastfeeding journey was all about patience, and being kind to my body. I also had to learn not to compare myself with others. When I would compare my milk supply to other moms I would get so discouraged, and want to give up because I felt like Bella wasn't eating enough. 

I would not have made it the 4 months without this pump. I never really got comfortable with breastfeeding in public so I would use my pumped milk. When I was on the go the pump wipes were the best thing to use when I couldn't get to wash it. 

The boppy pillow was essential for me because I needed something to go in between my C-Section cut and Bella. 

This little thing suctions onto your breast and catches the milk that comes out of the breast that you're not feeding on. I hated wasting milk because it was so precious to me. 

I loved this system because I could pump directly into the storage bag making it easy to store in the fridge & then pop on the nipple to feed. 

5. Breast Care Items

I strongly recommend getting a good nipple cream. You want to avoid your nipples getting dry & cracked! It can get really painful. I also got some breast pads that had the little pearls inside them that I could heat up and freeze to soothe the swelling and the pain for some extra relief. 

When I first started I thought 2 would be enough, they were not! I ended up rotating about 5 of them. There were times I would leak through the breast pad and the nursing bra. I opted for some washable and reusable nursing pads because I would always forget to buy disposable nursing pads. 

Luckily all of these products plus so many more baby products are on sale right now! 

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What are some of your must-haves for breastfeeding? 

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my own honest opinions. 

It's really hard to grasp the fact that Mila is in school this year. I feel like she's still my little baby every time I look at her but then I hear her talk and I know she's more than ready. It's a big deal for us because last year we tried and she wasn't ready. Her first day she told us she was done for Pre-K and ready for Kindergarten so she could ride the bus! πŸ˜…She's a trip y'all. 

For her first school year, I really wanted her to be able to express her personality and let her be in control of what she wears. Mila is already such an independent child, and very picky so I don't think I really had a choice. We headed to one of our favorite places, Walmart and I let her guide me through the clothes to pick out a couple of outfits. 

What I observed is that she will go for anything animal print, and she has a surprisingly trendy style. Like how would she know tie-die & plaid are a thing right now? She would say "Cuz I'm smart duh, mom!" 

We also ended up doing all her school supply shopping through Walmart online. I was dreading going to any store during this time with both of the girls. I always remember it being so hectic & stressful. Luckily Walmart has things sorted out by grade here

I can't wait to see Mila learn and grow. My friends told me by the end of the year I'm going to see her develop so much. This is such a bittersweet experience, I'm happy that Walmart has made it so easy for me to soak up every part of the process! 

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This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my own true opinions.
We all know that Mila is obsessed with dinosaurs but lately her focus has shifted a little bit more towards the animal kingdom in general! At any given moment she will turn into a tiger or a cheetah, and she'll get mad if you call her Camila πŸ˜‚ Not sure how that's going to translate into a classroom setting, but I didn't want to discourage it. She loves watching animal documentaries on her iPad and with her dad. Since she's going to preschool this year we've already started school shopping. 

We started at Walmart because I knew that was going to be the place we found the best deals and all the things we need in one place. 

Shopping with Mila is the funniest thing now because she has an opinion about everything, I can't just dress her in what I was to dress her in anymore. So these outfits are a huge reflection of Mila's personality and style. 

I love that all of these pieces are transitional, can be layered, and are made of materials that she can run around play, and feel comfortable in!

My little animal lover was over the moon with the clothes she picked out for back to school and now she's excited to go to school and show them off. Shop all the looks below & more cute animal print clothes for your animal lover! πŸ‘‡

This post was sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions expressed below are my honest & true opinions.

I see all the fall fashion inspo posts and I’m like nooo, I’m just trying to hang on to summer for as long as I can! I love all the flowy dresses, and the bright colors. For this look, I headed to Walmart.com to pick out an outfit that I labeled my ‘forever summer’ look. From head to toe, Walmart.com had exactly what I needed and it arrived at my door before I knew it. 

I love this headband because it comes in so many different patterns and they’re super trendy right now. Since I keep my hair pretty low maintenance this is perfect to look like I put a little more effort into it than I actually did! 

This bag has been my spring and summer staple, it goes with everything and it’s such a statement piece that it just adds more color to any outfit. Like I said flowy dresses are my jam, they’re so easy to put together and the fabrics are usually light enough to wear in the Texas heat. This one channeled my love for Pompoms with the cute trim detail.

I love that you can easily dress this way down by knottig the bottom and throwing on a cute pair of sandals! Here are all the clothes I'm wearing: