We're Expecting! | My Feelings on Baby #2 And How The First Trimester Is Treating Me The 2nd Time Around

It's still a little crazy to think baby #2 is coming, and that I'm currently creating life at this very moment. In all honesty, I've spent the majority of the last week asleep or hurling and haven't really felt up to writing or taking pictures. Today is the first day I actually kind of feel like myself. When we took the pregnancy announcement pictures on Valentine's Day Morning no one was in the best mood. Mila was angry that the sun was out and I was sweating underneath my foundation, we set up our tripod and sat Noah on the hood of the car so he wouldn't run anywhere or into the street because we were right in front of the garage. So the fact that they came out somewhat decent is a miracle, and I actually loved how they came out. 

I'm really excited that we get to add another addition to our little family because, in all honesty, I didn't think it was going to happen and it was so hard for us to have Mila. When we started trying for Mila I was in the best shape of my life, I was on a strict diet and once I found out I was pregnant it was a breeze. The only hard part was delivery. 

This time around I'm out of shape, and what I ate before was pretty crappy. At my first doctor's appointment for our first sonogram, I weighed 178lbs, with Mila I was 128lbs. I had morning sickness with Mila and hurled every morning for the first trimester but my nausea didn't linger like it is with this pregnancy. I am nauseous all day, I have like a bionic nose and can smell every little thing. Just thinking about certain food makes me want to barf, and sometimes if I talk too much I want to throw up.  I feel like my body is punishing me for me not being nice to it in these last couple of years. I'm powering through it though! 

My mantra every morning is nothing in life worth having is easy! On the plus side, my nails and hair are getting longer because of my prenatal vitamins. My skin will take a while to start 'glowing' right now my body has so many hormones I'm getting acne everywhere, even on my back which I've never experienced in my life. 

I am currently 7 weeks & 6 days so almost at the 2-month mark! Mila keeps telling me the baby in my tummy is a boy, so we'll see if she's right in a couple of months.