Things You Need To Do At Rodeo Houston

10:57 AM

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Going to the Rodeo when you live in Houston is definitely a must, but for those of you that have never been or even heard of the Rodeo then maybe this post will make you want to book a trip to Houston next year! This year was actually the first year I've gone that it hasn't been cold or wasn't extremely hot. This was also the first year Mila bear could walk, talk, and actually know what was going on. Even though she wasn't tall enough for any of the rides it was still a lot of fun!

Eat All The Food

When you go to the rodeo you need to get a giant turkey leg, it's like a rite of passage into the rodeo & trust me, you wont regret it. Don't forget about the fried pickles, cheesecake & Oreos! Seriously there is so much food there you might not want to eat anything the day before to prepare 😂 ( I am kidding please eat normally)

Ride all the rides

There is something for everyone, whether you want to stay on the ground or get flung in the air the carnival is where it's at. You also get a sense of the diverse culture that Houston has to offer. I'm an avid people watcher so it's fun to see everyone in their best Rodeo wear. I'm kind of a chicken so my go to ride is always the spinning UFO.

Pet All the Animals

There is definitely more livestock than I have ever seen including all the award winning animals and a super cute petting zoo but what everyone overlooks is the touch tank! It's literally the coolest thing for kids that are developing senses and to peak an interest in marine animals. It took a little bit for Mila to warm up to the animals but eventually she wanted to take them all home with her. 

I always make the best memories at the Houston Rodeo, and I can't wait for next year! Here are my big tips for the rodeo: Park your car at the Park and Ride and ride the Metro Rail into the Rodeo, it's $20 and not a far walk at all plus you beat all of the rodeo traffic. Find someone that sells coupon books they're the best deal around. Bring some cash for the horse rides, and to feed the animals! Also bring your camera because there are tons of Instagram worthy spots.


What are some things you love about the Houston Rodeo?


3 Running Late Outfit Ideas with JCPenney

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Disclosure this post is sponsored by JCPenney, however all opinions are my own!#SoWorthIt

Running late? JCPenney has some fab tips to keep you looking stylish before running out of the door! My go-to look is a t-shirt dress with a sweater wrapped around your waist! What's your favorite look? 

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I Don't Know About You But I'm Feeling 22

2:24 PM

I have been waiting to make that joke for a while 😂 I can't believe today is my birthday! I almost forgot this morning because Mila bear woke up at 6 AM with a high fever, and I kind of freaked out and almost took her to the emergency room, but after taking her temperature & taking her to my mom she reassured me it was the same thing Noah had; hay fever! The pollen has been ridiculous lately, and I can feel all of my sinus pressure building up, which is probably why I've felt so off lately (see this post on my Facebook page lol

Anywhooo I feel extremely blessed to be where I'm at this stage in my life. I have surrounded myself with amazingly supportive friends that encourage me to pursue my dreams. I have bigger ones now, and I can only imagine what is to come in the next couple of years! 

Here are 22 things you might not know about me: 
  1. I was born in San Antonio, Texas
  2. I moved to Houston about 10 years ago
  3. I am a 2nd generation Mexican-American
  4. I went to a dual credit High School, meaning I graduated with my associates degree
  5. I went through an emo phase in middle school, died my hair crazy colors, wore only black, and attended my fair share of rock concerts & mosh pits  
  6. I met Jeff, my husband, at my High School prom
  7. I was in the Military for 2 years 
  8. I was told it would be extremely difficult to have children if I had them at all
  9. I played softball & soccer 
  10. My favorite colors are shades of pink & blue 
  11. My favorite hair color on me is black but I'm trying to get back to my natural hair color to give my hair a break 
  12. Driving gives me severe anxiety attacks so Jeff pretty much drive's everywhere
  13. Since I haven't worn heels in a while they kill me every time I put them on 
  14. My guilty pleasure when I lived with my grandma was watching Novelas (spanish soap operas) & and eating fresh tortillas 
  15. I don't talk to my biological father at all, because he was never in my life
  16. I was raised by my single mother, my grandma & my tias 
  17. I know what it's like to be picked on so I stick up fiercely for those who haven't found their voice yet
  18. I used to shave my arms because I was embarrassed of my body hair but later learned it was because of my PCOS
  19. I rearrange my furniture every couple of months because I have this need for constant change
  20. I used to be allergic to the grass when I was a kid
  21. The sun/heat gives me giant red & hot splotches on my legs that have embarrassed me for ages 
  22. I always get mistaken for either younger or older for my age because of how I look or how I carry myself!

 Did any of those surprise you? I try my best to be as transparent on my blog as possible, because you really never know what resonates with people. I feel so young, and old at the same time but age really is just a number! Read more on my About page.

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Joining the #LaLaChallenge For My Kids

3:18 PM

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smoothies and WeAllGrow Latina Network. The opinions and text are all mine.

It's been almost 2 years since I had Mila bear & instead of loosing the baby weight like I had initially intended on doing before I gave birth I had let my postpartum depression get the best of me. It was a super hard time for me, and working out was the last thing on my mind at the time. Now that my little brother and Mila bear are getting older though I find myself outside more, and out of breath more often. I hadn't realized how far behind I let my health go, and these kids aren't slowing down anytime soon! So I decided that I would hop on board the HEB Slimdown Showdown sponsored by LaLa Yogurt smoothies. 

I started off with small choices food wise, like drinking more yogurt and incorporating more fresh foods in my diet. LaLa Yogurt Smoothies have been the perfect addition to my life because I can easily throw one in my diaper bag when we're on the go instead of skipping breakfast or drink them on our walks to the park and with 5 grams of protein what's not to love. The LaLa brand has been one of the brands that has stuck with me since childhood, I always know I can trust that it's made with amazing ingredients and it will have the same delicious taste it's always had.

Lately I've started doing small circuit workouts in my backyard while the babies played on the trampoline or on the slide. I love doing this because they're always more interested in what I'm doing and try to join me. This shows them the importance of working out, no matter where you are!

The HEB Slimdown Showdown is a 12 week competition where participants have a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize. The Showdown begins in San Antonio with an intensive, seven day wellness program known as Fit Camp, complete with fitness and nutrition training, cooking lessons, meal training and more. You can follow along by reading the Slimdown Showdown blog here. 

What's your favorite LaLa Yogurt Smoothie Flavor?


Mommy + Me Matching For Spring | Life Updates

9:40 AM

There have been SO many new things happening in our lives right now & I felt like I needed to just give you guys a little more in depth post about us along with showing you guys the cutest mommy & me matching spring tennis that you absolutely need! This post contains affiliate links, that means if you click & shop from them I make commission 💖

First things first, I am nominated for Best Instagram Creator for the Tecla Awards at Hispanicize happening this April in Miami, Florida that honors excellence in US Latino bloggers & influencers. This is a huge deal in the Hispanic community, and for me especially because I haven't even been doing this for 2 years! The people that are also nominated alongside me are amazing, and I am truly honored to have my name next to theirs. This nomination came just as I was doubting what I am doing, and letting pretty much what all the nay-sayers get to me. I was wondering if what I was doing was worth it, or if I should give up and get a "real job". I asked for guidance from the big man upstairs & he answered in a truly tremendous way.

Second, we are traveling way more than we thought we would! Which obviously is a good thing. The first time I got on a plane was when I flew to basic training, and when I came back home for good I hadn't really traveled again. Being able to show Mila bear all these new places and creating memories with her is something I'll cherish forever. As a child I always wanted to travel, but the most my family did was the back & forth trips between San Antonio & Houston after we stopped going to Mexico in 2007 when my great grandma passed away. Jeff also has this thing where he doesn't like to stay still, he always has to be moving so for him this is pretty much heaven!

Third, we're looking to move back into the city. The burbs were cool, but we find ourselves going into the city more than a few times a week and we figured we need to just make the leap back. Initially we were looking into buying a piece of land but realistically that's even further out than where we live now which isn't exactly what we need at the moment. We're shooting for the sometime during the end of the summer because that's when all our planned traveling will be over. If you can recommend any places within the 610 loop I would greatly appreciate it 💕

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