My Addictive Personality

For the last week or so I've binge watched Grey's Anatomy. I couldn't figure out why I was so addicted to this damn show. All the drama, and the people dying. Maybe it's because my life during the week is pretty boring. Between play time, emails, pictures, and blog posts watching the show made me feel like I had no down time. 

I used to do the same thing with books, just ask my mom. I'd lock myself in my room all day & night, have the biggest bags under my eyes, and just lose myself in the book. Then when that wasn't enough for me I started writing. I wrote my own fiction stories. It was addicting, the feeling that you could literally write anything and create this whole different world on paper.


The writing turned into blogging my actual life, and my creativity is only expressed through pictures. Now that I think about it I actually think I want to start writing again. My goal, since middle school, is to one day eventually publish a book but I can't do that if I'm not writing any stories. Right? I used to publish on Wattpad, but I took everything down when I started. I got extremely addicted, much like my addiction to Grey's Anatomy. I have notebooks in storage full of just ideas, and stories that I need to dig out. But maybe I'm just trying distract myself from the fact that I'm all caught up!!


 Whatever I decide I'll let you lovely people know here! If I do start writing fiction again I don't think I'd share it on my social media sites, because it still kind of embarrasses me to admit that I write fictional stories. Is that weird? I mean I've always been that little nerd girl but now I can't be her anymore because networking is the only way I have gotten anywhere these last couple of months!  

What are some show's you're currently addicted to? I'd love to know!


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