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A Monster Bash To Ring In Noah's First Year!

My adorable little brother loves to growl, so what better way to ring in his first year than with an all out monster bash?! My mom did such a fantastic job picking the theme & making the cake the least I could do was help her decorate! She really did out-do herself on this cake. 

If I told you that we did all of this in less than a day would you believe me? We started on Friday night went to sleep at about 4 in the morning then we were up by 7 in the morning to get back to it. Saturday morning the house was literally a disaster and my mom and I were stressing out. You have no idea we didn't think we would have anything ready in time! 

Luckily we have the most amazing family members we all rallied and pushed and worked our tails off to get everything in tip-top shape. I wish I would have recorded the whole thing, then you'd get a taste of how bad our anxiety was. We knew it would happen like that, it always does! I'm pretty sure we work the best under pressure.

It was definitely all worth it because Noah was happy and this party was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help myself I HAD to take pictures of everything! 

I even was able to set up the cutest little impromptu photo booth & it was literally the best idea in the history of ever, check it out: 

Everyone had such a blast that night! Noah was the happiest little monster ever & I now it's crunch time for Camila's 1st birthday party! 

What are some cute birthday party themes for little girls!
 Let me know in the comments below!

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