My Grandma Has Blonde Hair

My grandma has blonde hair.
My grandma takes selfies.
My grandma wears high heels.
My Grandma has long Red nails.
My grandma is on tinder.

It's about time I introduce you to the fiery hot tamale that is mi Abuela. Now when you think of the typical grandma, a cute older woman with a long sweater, long skirt, sitting in a rocking chair knitting on her front porch pops in your head right? That's pretty much the exact opposite of what my grandma looks like! 

Her Roots: She is originally from Monterrey, Mexico
 Oldest of 9 siblings, she came to this country with all  the odds stacked against her. This wonderfully joyful woman has been through hell and back, but you could never tell by her face. 
At the age of 14 she came to the US from Mexico, as a Nanny. She taught herself English watching All My Children, went to school got 2 degrees, and taught herself how to drive, and not to mention a Jack of all Traits. She married very young and endured 10 years of an abusive husband for fear she would lose her children, however, she mustard up the courage and managed to escape. She is not by all means a victim of domestic violence but a survivor and an Inspiration. She has shown us that there is nothing stronger than a woman with a will, and passion can be much stronger than the obstacles God put in front of her. She is the oldest of 9 siblings and managed to help raise 2 of her sisters, in addition to raising 3 girls all while being a single mom. 
It's because of her my family is always laughing, and fighting to get ahead so that her struggle is not in vain and with each generation, we become stronger and stronger.

Topacio, Liz, My Mom

Message from her Daughters:
In asking my mom and my aunts the one thing that is resilient from their mother and all agree that the most important lesson learned is: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

From the: No matter what we put her through, she would always be there for us when we needed her, regardless of how ungrateful we were. We are grateful for the way we were brought up. Until now that we are mothers, we never realized how hard it was to raise a family on your own on your own. That despite all the stress she never let us are her struggles, she never complained and keep pushing on.

We pray every day; we can be as great of a mother to our children as she was to us. She always put us first and taught us how important our loved ones are, and if we have half the strength that she has, then God help those that come against us.

My fondest and most carefree memory with her is when I was very young and playing in the pile of leave she was racking outside her house, I can't really explain why it just was. We are always outside, always laughing. She always told us that we can do anything we put our minds to, the sky’s the limit.

One thing that makes her a True Mexican Abuela, is her Food

When I lived with her I was sooo fat because her cooking is THE best ever. Eating at Mexican restaurants almost never does it for me because her food is always better. She lives to feed us and serve us. It is through food that she expresses her deepest love. I can assure you'll never go hungry with her around! That's the key to keeping a family close I think, good food. Anytime we're all together somehow food is involved and we're all laughing and having a good time. Maybe that's why we're all fluffy because are good memories and positive emotions are centered around food so naturally our body wants that all the time... just a theory! 

I love you forever and always my lovely, wonderful, inspiring, strong, intelligent, sassy Grandma.

I'm pretty sure that you can't guess how old she is! Hint: We just celebrated her 50-something birthday... To me my grandma never ages (I think that's a gene in our family, we all look so young)

 Oh & I also made her a great grandma...oops!