A Family that Blogs Together Stays Together



A Family That Blogs Together Stays Together

If you are a blogger you know that this time of year is filled with holiday parties, holiday posts, & holiday cheer! Like busy bee's we buzz around the city attending events & making new connections. 

Jeff has officially broken into this crazy world and started his own blog, The Daddy Style Diaries, & now he finally understands my stress amoungst other thing and he's becoming addicted to it just as much as I am. For some reason I thrive under it, it's like a shot of adrenaline that I live for. 

This also means we get to explore Houston more with Camila & I get to take pictures of my babies like this: 

He finally gets the importance of all my pictures! He's also the first one to say "Did you get a picture of that?" when I'm too embarassed to whip out my big ol' DSLR he gives me that extra push I need. 

Blogging isn't easy, and I didn't realize how much I've learned in my 7 months of blogging until I had to teach Jeff. I also didn't realize how much work it was. Editing pictures, writing down your thoughts, making sure they flow, editing your writing (which I suck at) then sharing it to make sure people read it. 

On Saturday Jeff took 2 outfits, and we ventured downtown not really sure where we  were going exactly to take pictures. We ended up at the Wortham Theater and got to walk Camila down the Buffalo Bayou, this time she stayed awake! But she was really serious the entire time, probably because she was trying to process why it was chilly all of a sudden when she was outside! 

I was actually able to get a decent picture of Camila & me! Usually they come out like this:

I also got a picture of me, a good one! Jeff is getting better at being behind the Camera too, instead on in front of it (and vice versa!) 

So far Jeff's blogging has brought us together closer than ever & given us even more to talk about, learn, & grow together. It's made us better parents, and given us an understanding of one another that I don't think we knew we didn't have before. 

I admire Jeff so much because not only has he balanced work life, his blog, but he hasn't neglected us in the process. He's made sure to keep Camila and I his #1 priority. I honestly didn't know I could love him more than I already did, but here I am. Completely and irrevocable in love with this man. 

Maybe in the next few weeks we'll get better at taking pictures of all 3 of us! lol 

How do you and your partner find things to bond over after you feel like you already know everything about each other?