As some of you all may have picked up by now I'm a Stay At Home Mom and my everyday uniform is yoga pants, no makeup, and a t-shirt with spit up so every now and again I crave a little bit of glam! I admit I've gone a whole week without washing my hair, thank you Dry Shampoo, or even brushing it--that's why I cut it short lol-- even though I know that once you're a mom you shouldn't just let yourself go. But it's hard. It's hard to buy stuff for yourself and not feel guilty, it's hard to remember to do stuff for yourself when playing with babies takes up 99.9% of your time!

 Thank the Lord though he knew I needed a break and threw these blogger events in my lap! My mom is always trying to get me to go out so she can watch Camila, so I really had no excuse not to jump at all the invitations that were thrown my way that I couldn't bring my bundle of joy to! I took advantage of this and hunted for affordable & functional party outfits! 

Hotel Homes Mixer

I'm so obsessed with this dress! I got it on black Friday at Cotton On, and let me tell you it is probably the best thing I got that day! Not only am I so in love with this shade of green for fall, but it was soooo comfortable.My jacket was also from Cotton On but I bought it last year! I paired this with some strappy heels, my Anne Klein bag that I got from Marshall's that also seems to go with like everything I own, Kendra Scott earings from RocksBox, & a necklace I found at Target for 50% off! 

I didn't really know what to expect going to this event but the E-vite said swanky (I had no idea what that meant but I googled it, it's kinda like fancy, but more along the lines of dress like you got money honey) When I have to go out and buy things to wear I usually don't go outside my usual stores like H&M, Forever 21, & Target because I always know I can find something that looks nice without spending more than $50 on an outfit. Given I always go for the sale rack first and I never walk in a store without a coupon thanks to my mom, good deals are hard to beat & a bargain is the way to my heart. But I am looking to branch out to smaller businesses & boutique like stores so if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

Codes: NewmominaneweraXOXO for 1 Month free @ Rocksbox.com

Houston Bloggers 5th Anniversary Blogger Bash

For this event I was a little over dressed but like Audry Hepburn said it's better to be over dressed than under-dressed! Plus I didn't mind because I lovvveeddd my outfit, which was also bought during black Friday madness! I noticed that I stick mostly to body-hugging material & dresses because it's what works best in my opinion for my body type. I'm not really sure what my body type is though, I'm not super curvy, not flat, not considered plus size, but not exactly thin either! Especially crop tops & pencil skirts, they work magic in appearing to give me a smaller waist. I still have a post-partum baby pooch but I've learned to love it, since I'm not exactly working out at the moment, but I will! 

At first I was a little afraid of the plaid skirt but when I tried it on I loved it. It definitely wasn't something I had in my closet or I've seen on a lot of other people. I saw the manican wearing the same pattern on her shirt and decided that was too much for and paired it with a simple white crop top that I had in my closet. Also paired it with what is now my favorite purse, mainly because it was such a good price ($39.99) and it fits so much crap inside of it! 

How did I do? Not bad for a yoga-pants-daily mommy, right?