Las Posadas, a Mexican Tradition

Las Posadas a Mexican Tradition

This year's holiday season will be a bittersweet one. We're doing a Posada at my mom's house but we haven't done a Posada since my great-grandmother passed away. She was the glue that kept the family from Mexico & here in the United States together. Honestly, I haven't been to Mexico since her funeral. Hopefully, I can change that this coming year because I want Camila to get to know her roots and her family. 

The History ~ La Historia 

The tradition of Las Posadas was brought to Mexico from Spain by Catholic Missionaries.  The Posadas are done to commemorate Mary and Joseph's difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a place for the Christ Child to be born.

In Spanish, Posada means dwelling or lodging. Families in the neighborhood are already previously selected to participate in the Posada. Usually three houses are selected where the Posada does not take place. The participants stand before the door of each house and sing a song in Spanish asking to enter the house.  A small group remains inside the house telling the outside group that it is impossible to enter, re-enacting what Mary & Joseph's journey.  This year though it will just be our house since we don't have any Hispanic neighbors & you won't be required to sing!

La Posada dinner, provided by the host family,us , includes Hispanic dishes such as tamales, Menudo, and Pozole.  Each Posada ends with the traditional pińata.  The seven corners of each pińata represents the Seven Deadly Sins.  The beating of the pińata symbolizes the mortification that Christians exercise in overcoming personal sin.  The candy within each pińata characterizes the sweetness of God's grace made available to us through the birth of Jesus. 

Our Posada Menu  

  •  Tamales De Puerco (Pork Tamales) made by my mom & I
  • Bunuelos (Fried Tortillas cover in cinnamon & sugar) made by my grandma
  •  Ponche Navideno ( hot punch made from fresh and dried fruits) made by my tia
  •  Champurado (chocolate-based atole, a warm and thick Mexican drink)made by my grandma
  •  Pozole (Mexican Stew made with Hominy & Pork) made by my mom & I
 This will be the first year my mom, & I make tamales completely on our own! (wish us luck)

What are some of your cultural or family traditions during the holidays? 

Stay tuned for our Posada Post Featuring HERDEZ®