Hello 2016!

 Let's fill the year's pages with spectacular things!

Everything that happened last year whether good or bad doesn't have to define you this year. They've led you here, to this moment right now. It's time to start clean, it's time to make your dreams come true. 

They're not going to come easy, you're going to have to work for them honey! 

We wish you the best possible year!!

Your New Year Resolutions 

If it's a bad relationship that you left in 2015 and you're looking for someone new this year my advise would be to focus on yourself. What makes you happy? When you imagine the best version of yourself what do you see? Strive to achieve those things then the right person will walk into your life when you least expect it. 

What about loosing 20 pounds this year? This month might be your most motivating month but what happens when you're not seeing results fast enough? Try breaking it down to maybe 1-2 pounds every couple of weeks. What I've learned with weight goals is that it's not only about working out & staying on top of it, it's about changing your lifestyle. Say you're going to the gym consistently but going home and eating a burger every other day. You're never going to get anywhere! Deciding now is the time is big, and requires commitment, but if that scares you take it baby steps at a time. Make smaller goals that lead up to the bigger one. (Read The Daddy Style Diaries for more on Keeping New Year Resolutions

First Selfie of 2016!

One of my New Year Resolutions is to let go of fear. Fear has been the one thing that has hindered me from a lot of things. From my fear of rejection, to my fear of talking to people. I've learned that talking to people and making connections is a key element in reaching my goals. I'm the type of person that waits for you to talk to me instead of the other way around. Then I get kind of awkward and the conversation dies but I get choked up and the words in my head don't come out. That happens when I speak spanish too. I get so embarrased because it's not my first language and I trip over my words. Especially when a person's first language is spanish and it takes me a little bit to process what they're saying. Like when Jeff speaks spanish it kind of intimidates me, and I just respond in English. 

Which brings me to resolution numero dos (number 2) practicing more Spanish (reading &writing) ad being able to teach Camila both languages so she doesn't struggle as much as I do. Growing up was kind of weird for me because I was born here in the US, spoke only English but understood Spanish because I lived with my grandma, so I was too "white" to hand out with the Hispanic kids, but too Hispanic to really hang out with the white kids. I don't want that for Camila. So I want to teach her as much about her cultures & languages as possible!

Overall I'm excited for this year to come & to tackle my long list of things to accomplish this year! 

What are some of your New Year resolutions?