Lessons My Mom Taught Me



 1. If it didn't get done right the first time, you should have just done it yourself. 

  My family is full of Do-it-yourselfers. I can say that we've never payed for party planners, or for other people to decorate our parties. We've always done everything ourselves. From my sweet sixteen, to my baby shower. All the invitations, the pictures, the cakes, the decorations are all hand made by us.  None of us exactly classically trained, except my mm she actually took a few cake decorating classes, we are notorious for teaching ourselves how to do it (that's what the internet is for duhh). We are also all very picky, and opinionated women. We also hate waiting so that's probably another reason we kinda just do it ourselves. 

2. Never buy anything full price!

  My mom is an extreme couponer, we haven't had to buy diapers since about last week. She's couponed my whole life although not as extremely. The first place you go to when you're shopping is the sales rack! Trust me, everything eventually goes on sale.

3. Have a big heart.

 My mother has THE biggest heart. She is always putting the needs of others, like her many children, before her own. She's taught me how to be selfless, and that we have always lived blessed lives. She's a constant reminder of the mother I want to be to my daughter.  

4. Family is always first.

 This one is a big one for us. We have such a big family and when one of us is down someone is always there to pick you up. My mom has always been the biggest advocate of my sisters & I loving each other unconditionally because at the end of the day your friends come & go but family is forever. 

5. Mom's always right!

I learned this one the hard way, because I'm a hard headed person. I learn everyday that I should have just listened to her because she's been in my shoes and although it may seem likes she's nagging me it's for my own good.

What are some things your mom has taught you?