Things No One Tells You About Being A Young Mom

So most of you didn't know that Monday was my 21st birthday! None of my blogging friends really knew because what 21-year-old mom would decide to become a blogger? Ha-ha surprise! Probably just me. When people think of a young mom they automatically think of unplanned pregnancy, & a life full of struggles. I was blessed to not have either of those things happen. Yes, Jeff & I do struggle sometimes, especially with the extremely low gas prices affecting his job right now, but we have always been blessed enough to have some sort of back-up. 

There are so many negative things out there about young moms, like me, that I want to put good things out there! 

1. We're young! 

Not only are you not going to be as exhausted because of your young age, but the sense of adventure probably hasn't left you & that means your kids will never be bored! With Camila, I've traveled with her since she was about a month old. We went camping when she was 3 months old, and we haven't stopped since! 

2. We have GOOGLE! 

Can I just tell you that when my mom's not around to answer my questions, google is my #1 go-to! It might convince me that my daughter has some incurable disease, but at least there are pictures that I can compare things to. You know there is even an online pediatrician? My pediatrician even has a Flippin app! 

3. We don't care what other people think!

In this day & age woman are all sorts of empowered & I love it, but when it comes to looking at young moms there is still that negative stigma. Whether it's some asking you "Is that your baby? You look like a baby yourself!" or asking if you're the "nanny" you just gotta learn to roll with the punches and throw shade in a classy way. I mean I know I look like a 12-year-old without makeup but I can feel those judging eyes, then a flash of my wedding ring and a conversation about my husband makes their face look like I have a third eye or something. I WISH a husband didn't make me having a baby ok, but for some reason it does. Then it's a complete and utter shock that someone younger than them can have their life somewhat together. 

Some days I just laugh it off and ignore them because why should I let what someone else think and/or say affect the way I live my life & my happiness? The internet makes it so easy for everyone else to comment on how you live your life but they're not you & they've never lived in your shoes so don't let it bring you down. 

You are the creator of your own happiness! No one else!

What are some comebacks you have used for when someone tries to bring you down because of the way you look? I'd love to keep some in my back pocket for next time I hear a "You're just a baby yourself!" type of comment! 


To the momma that thinks she's doing a bad job,

You are doing amazing! You are creating the best life for your kids & that's all that matters!