Sugar & Cloth Color Wall Fun!

Yesterday Sugar & Cloth had a grand unveiling party of their awesome color wall, and what can I say it's just about every blogger's dream! From shades of blue to pink & orange we had such a blast.

 Photo by Daddy Style Diaries

Needless to say, you'll be seeing this wall on my Instagram a lot! Sadly Camila wasn't in the mood for pictures, when is she ever these days?! But this will definitely by the location of her 1st birthday pics, which is in a month! Can you believe it?! I'm going to have a one-year-old already, excuse me while I cry a thousand tears. Anywhoo, enjoy our silly pics we took last night! 

You can find the #SugarandClothColorWall on 3302 Canal Street Houston, TX 77002

Have you visited the wall?