DIY Lantern Jellyfish in 5 Easy Steps

The easiest and coolest DIY decoration at Camila's Under The Sea party was the Lantern Jellyfish. They hung from the ceiling giving our party that under the sea feeling I was trying to achieve. Another huge thank you to Oriental Trading who sponsored this post! All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

What you'll need:

  1. Streamers - I got mine here
  2. Lantern - I got an assorted pack of pink lanterns here
  3. Clear Tape -from the dollar store
  4. Fishing Wire - from my hubby's tackle box haha
  5. Scissors - from Michael's

Step 1: "Build" your lantern

  Most lanterns come with a square metal wire that holds it up to give it shape, follow the instructions on the package to build it!


Step 2: Cut & Scrunch

Cut various sizes of streamers, the length you think will fit your Jellyfish then scrunch them up to get that tentacle effect. I cut and scrunched all of the streamers before I started to do everything else so that they would stay scrunched, when you unravel the scrunched up balls they straighten out a little bit so keep them scrunched until the very last minute.

3: Tape & Unravel

Since I didn't have double sided tape I just made a little tape loop so it wouldn't show, then I placed it on one side of the unraveled streamer.

4: Atattch the tentacles 

I used the 3rd ring from the bottom of the lanter to keep my tentacles in lin, so just pick a spot and line them up right next to each other until you go all the way around.

5: Hang it up

I used the fishing wire to hand my jellyfish from the ceiling to give it that floating in mid-air effect!

Here's the final product! I absolutely love them! To see the rest of the party decorations click here, and to see all the sweet treats click here.