How To Take Control Of What Your Kid Sees On TV

 **Disclosure: I was compensated to share my honest opinion!**

When it comes to what your kids watch on TV, are you really in control? Let's face it kids these days are way more tech savvy than I was in high school! Camila can already Snapchat & Facetime better than I can. Camila & Noah love the remote and pressing buttons & seeing how if they press one button it stops the TV screen, sometimes they change the show they're watching all together and break out into fits of giggles because they're learning new things, which I'm all for until they put the remote in their mouth haha. Recently Jeff & I were invited to a Xfinity Parents event hosted by Comcast at one of their Houston Stores to learn more about what they can offer, & spoiler alert it's pretty awesome!

While we were there we saw some very familiar Houston Blogger faces and got a hands-on tour. Technology is an awesome thing, it's ever changing and alway improving, our TV's are definitely not excluded from that. Now you can speak into your remote, and it actually does what you tell it to do! How awesome is that? 

One of the most valuable components of Xfinity's X1 is the Kid Zone. The Kid Zone allows you to set a pin code where your kids can't exit that zone. You can also manage what your kids watch by selecting your kids age group, one thing that our tour guide Andres pointed out was that cartoon network is only kid friendly during the day & when night time comes it turns into Adult swim. Xfinity also allows you to set a timer through the settings as well so your kids aren't sitting there all day being couch potatoes. (haha) 

So how do you take control of what your kids sees on TV?

- Use programs like Xfinity X1's Kid Zone to keep your kid watching age-appropriate shows
- Set up a pin code that locks certain channels unless you have that password
- Set a timer that limits the amount of time your kid is watching those shows

All in all, Xfinity give parents all the tools to know that they're in control. With a voice controlled remote setting all of this up is super easy. To learn more about all of these feature visit

What do you do to control what your children see on tv? Let me know in the comments below!