Fall Florals + Mental Health

I am a very positive person, not naturally, though, I often fend off my negative thoughts with a slew of compliments I give myself. When I was pregnant with Camila I loved my body & myself because I was amazed at what I could do. I felt like I glowed & radiated. After I had Camila, my confidence was rattled by my inability to give birth to her the way I had planned it in my head & on paper. Literally, everything that I had feared had become my reality. (Camila's Birth Story

After overcoming all of those terrible feelings through my writing, and the environment I had created filled with amazingly strong and hard working women, I somehow find myself back at square one. Battling with my self-image, feeling down for no reason, and I feel like I have no energy like all the time. 

At first, I thought it was just the fact that I was eating like crap but then my appetite started to become non-existent. It was then that I said to myself I need help, before this gets to a place where I can't come back because I'm a girl that loves to eat. That's one thing I do love about myself, my ability to detach myself from a situation and say hey something is not right here, but I know that not everyone is like that. Sometimes it's hard to see the problems until it's too late. 

As a Hispanic, there are so many other things you do before you go see a doctor. I think the most I had ever seen a doctor was when I got went through the whole process of getting screened to be able to go to basic training for the Army.  It's so important for you & your health to go to a doctor and talk about the way you feel. I'm not about just getting medication and becoming dependent on pills to feel better, that's just not me. So find a doctor that agrees with you, that understands how you feel. It's not the easiest thing, trust me I know. So many of them are quick to write you a prescription, but if it's not what you think is for you then don't be afraid to speak up. 

That is definitely my biggest take away from my birthing experience, if I hadn't been so afraid and said yes to everything and trusted my instincts I think that my experience would have infinitely better.  You have a voice & it matters, these Doctors are trained well in their profession but they can't read your mind. Your mental health matters!

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