Dia De Los Muertos Kids Craft: DIY Sugar Skull Mask

Dia De Los Muertos is a time where we remember our loved ones by creating altars, lighting candles, & adorning traditional Calavera (sugar skull) face paint. So this year to help my little ones get crafty I came up with a super easy DIY Sugar Skull mask using things you already have in your home! 

This post is sponsored by General Mills cereals found conveniently at Wal-Mart. #DiaDeLosMuertos #BigG

Things you'll need: 

CoCoa Puffs (I found mine easily at Wal-mart!) 
Leftover Halloween Candy
Black Marker
Paper Plates

Draw a skull shape, it doesn't have to be perfect because you're gonna cut it out anyways. These two steps are the only one's you'll have to do yourself then you can let your kiddos decorate to their heart's content! 

Draw 2 slanted ovals, then cut them out. 

Draw an upside down heart for a nose & let your kiddos decorate! 

Thank you so much General mills & Walmart for sponsoring this post! If you need more help watch this video:

What kind of crafts do you do for Dia De Los Muertos?