Your New Destination For All Your Childhood Favorites

This post is sponsored by ALDI, however, all opinions expressed below are 100% my own true opinions.

Food has been at the center of most memories from my childhood, not only because of the flavors but because of the way sitting around a table with loved ones and talking for hours and hours made me feel. Trying to recreate & preserve that tradition is so important to me, so I fill my home with the products that helped shape those memories. Products like Cafe Bustelo, Marias cookies, Doña Maria, Goya, La Moderna, Gansito & more. So because I live so far from the city, I'm lucky to have an ALDI close by that carries all of these products & more at such affordable prices. ALDI also has exclusive brands like Pueblo Lindo and an amazing selection of meats, fresh produce, and canned goods at prices that are pretty much unbeatable. 

I go to ALDI regularly for their low prices on milk & eggs, so I was hooked once I found out that they carry all of my favorite brands. Also, remember to bring a quarter for the shopping cart! Don't worry, you'll get your quarter back once you put the cart back! They have an amazing Oaxaca cheese and chorizo for breakfast that I know some of you would love. Since opening its first stores in Texas in 2010, ALDI has grown quickly and currently has 90 stores statewide. ALDI plans to expand the number of stores in Dallas & Houston to 153 in 2017. Which is good news for everyone because if there isn’t one near you there will be soon!  

I personally love the layout of the store and that it's not so big and overwhelming. If you have never been there, I would describe it as the convenience store of grocery stores but with the essentials. The store has a sort of flow to it, and it’s never overcrowded. One of my favorite things about ALDI is that they have an array of different portion sizes so I have the option to buy small amounts for just my little family or big portion sizes when I’m going to have people over or the rest of my family over.

The easiest way for me to start my day is with a warm cup of cafesito and some Marias cookies! A cup of coffee definitely keeps the conversation going in the Hispanic culture after the food is gone. I have definitely written about this a lot here on the blog because it’s a part of my everyday life. Like I said before, I am so lucky that I have a store like ALDI close by because I don’t always have the most time to wait in long lines at the big and crowded grocery stores. This also keeps my pantry stocked with my family’s favorite things, especially when my tias stop by for unexpected visits! Read my Arroz Con Leche Recipe here using exclusive ALDI brand products!

Have you ever been to ALDI? What are some of your favorite things about the store?

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