A Year #ForBetterBeginnings

This post is sponsored by Playtex Baby, however, all opinions expressed are 100% my own true opinions.

In my first year and a half of motherhood, I’ve learned a lot from trial and error. Motherhood is a trial and error type of thing, though, because what works for one baby doesn’t always mean it works for all babies. Just like you and me, every one of them is unique in their own way. When I write motherhood posts I do my best not to come off like this is the product you definitely have to have, and more like this is what worked for us & why. As a young mother, I have all of the OG moms telling me what I need to do, and what I’m doing wrong, and I know it doesn’t help with the doubts you think to yourself or when you feel like you’re messing up royally. We’re all just trying to raise healthy, happy babies here. I know their intention is to help, but it doesn’t always come off that way, so this year I’m going back to my roots. The whole reasoning behind starting my blog was to connect with moms that feel like they’re doing it wrong and give them a safe space where they can get information and learn from my experiences.

In my trial and error process I’ve fallen in love with a brand, and once I fall in love I don’t let go, but that also made me feel like I should have just started with them from the get-go. Which is why I love telling you about them now. For my new moms or mommies to be reading blogs & asking around about brands other moms love helps narrow down your choices. I’ve posted many times about how much I love PlaytexBaby, and even had the opportunity to review their Diaper Genie® Expressions pail! Which is why it makes it so exciting to be announcing this to you today!

I am a part of the #PlaytexMoms program for the next 10 months! What does that mean? It means I can check off working with one of my favorite brands off of my bucket list, and this also means I get to share a lot more of them with you all! Becoming a blogger, getting to live my dream, work from home and with a brand that is already trusted in my household means that this year is going to be one of the best years yet!

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