Making Taxes Easy

This post is an entry to We All Grow's contest sponsored by TurboTax for #TurboTaxMeLleva

I started doing my taxes about 3 years ago when I started working but I really had no idea where to start. All of the services I had looked up cost an arm & a leg! My family wasn't big on talking finance either so I didn't really ask my mom at first, I searched and got a lot of good information but still didn't really know what to do and it caused me so much stress. 
Then I finally asked my mom, which I probably should have done from the beginning. She suggested that I use TurboTax. To sign up was way easier than I thought, it made me feel like I was finally in control of my money. They have a super easy to use website, and break it down into words you can understand! I was able to get the most out of my return without being buried under fees. Last year was the first year that I was able to file my taxes right from my phone as soon as my W2 came in. 

One of the biggest things I had to decide was what to do with my tax return once I got it. Last year it was easy because we needed a car so that's what we put out money to, and the year before that we were expecting our Mila bear so our money went to big items like a crib & stocking up on diapers (we did such a good job that I didn't have to buy diapers for a year!) This year we're going to focus on starting to put more money away for Camila's education. We have about 3 years to figure out if we're going to go the private or public school route but either way we want to be prepared for whichever road we decide to embark on.  

Once you file your Taxes how do you decide where to spend it?