Our First Time Traveling As A Family

Initially we had decided that Jeff was going to take the trip to California by himself since he was the only one attending the conference, sometime 3 days before he was going to fly out he decided we were going to take the trip all together, and of course I had to make it happen. I'm used to Jeff's spontaneous nature, and decided why not. We had never been to California, and we only have a couple of months before Camila is no longer considered a lap child on the plane so we went for it. 

We landed in California around midnight and Camila's first flight went way better than we expected. I was naturally preparing for the worst and prayed that the late time would be great for Mila bear to sleep the entire time. I was armed with lollipops, downloaded movies on Netflix, and a coloring book. To my surprise our packed flight was packed with a lot of other babies, and my nerves settled instantly.

Mazda lent us a car, and Babies on Vacation lent us a stroller and a car seat! (Read my post on Baby Rentals Here) We surprisingly spent the entire first day together, I was``n't really too sure of Jeff's schedule, exploring the La Jolla coast. The weather wasn't that great but some of the locals told me the weather would be nicer on the weekend.

California oddly reminds me of Austin minus the beaches and surfers, the people seem to march to the beat of their own drum, and charge you to use plastic bags at the grocery stores! I stopped to buy a gallon of Juice and snacks for Mila bear on the first day at a Ralph's and was surprised when my Kroger rewards card worked there, and when they asked me how many bags I wanted to buy, none obviously. After watching a documentary about the island of plastic waste we have floating in the middle of the ocean I never understood the need for plastic bags and I think this should be a nation wide norm!  

The Mexican food in Cali is something COMPLETELY different from the Tex-Mex we have here, it's way more authentic. I personally don't enjoy going to food chain Mexican restaurants here in Texas because it's always bland, the tortillas aren't homemade and the rice is always hard, so naturally I was a little hesitant to try it in California. I was in love, and the California Burrito from Lollitas Taco Shop stole my heart.

We got to see Seals & Sea Lions up close!

We Stayed at The Lafayette Hotel

I was so nervous going into this trip because I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how Mila would handle being away from home for that long, I didn't know how she would handle the flights, and I was nervous to adventure alone with her. I'm happy to say that we all enjoyed the mini vacation, and that the trip went by smoothly and Mila didn't mind the hotels as long as she was outside playing or in the pool. She actually cried a couple times when she would look at the pool from our hotel window because she wanted to be in it! For our lifestyle being able to travel with Mila was amazing, and being young parents we did get a couple of weird looks but none of that mattered when Mila bear laughed or enjoyed playing in the sand.  

At what age did you get on your first flight?

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