Mommy + Me Matching For Spring | Life Updates

There have been SO many new things happening in our lives right now & I felt like I needed to just give you guys a little more in depth post about us along with showing you guys the cutest mommy & me matching spring tennis that you absolutely need! This post contains affiliate links, that means if you click & shop from them I make commission 💖

First things first, I am nominated for Best Instagram Creator for the Tecla Awards at Hispanicize happening this April in Miami, Florida that honors excellence in US Latino bloggers & influencers. This is a huge deal in the Hispanic community, and for me especially because I haven't even been doing this for 2 years! The people that are also nominated alongside me are amazing, and I am truly honored to have my name next to theirs. This nomination came just as I was doubting what I am doing, and letting pretty much what all the nay-sayers get to me. I was wondering if what I was doing was worth it, or if I should give up and get a "real job". I asked for guidance from the big man upstairs & he answered in a truly tremendous way.

Second, we are traveling way more than we thought we would! Which obviously is a good thing. The first time I got on a plane was when I flew to basic training, and when I came back home for good I hadn't really traveled again. Being able to show Mila bear all these new places and creating memories with her is something I'll cherish forever. As a child I always wanted to travel, but the most my family did was the back & forth trips between San Antonio & Houston after we stopped going to Mexico in 2007 when my great grandma passed away. Jeff also has this thing where he doesn't like to stay still, he always has to be moving so for him this is pretty much heaven!

Third, we're looking to move back into the city. The burbs were cool, but we find ourselves going into the city more than a few times a week and we figured we need to just make the leap back. Initially we were looking into buying a piece of land but realistically that's even further out than where we live now which isn't exactly what we need at the moment. We're shooting for the sometime during the end of the summer because that's when all our planned traveling will be over. If you can recommend any places within the 610 loop I would greatly appreciate it 💕

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