Being a Tourist In My Hometown: Staying On The Riverwalk

This post was sponsored by Hotel Valencia, all opinions expressed below are 100% my own true and honest opinions.

A couple of weekends ago Hotel Valencia invited us to stay at their beautiful hotel on the riverwalk , and I was so excited because even though I was from San Antonio I had never actually stayed on the riverwalk! When I was little I remember dreaming of staying in one because I thought it was literally the coolest thing ever, and now that I got to it was even better than anything I could have even imagined when I was little.

When we arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, and how nice everyone was that worked there. Once you walk in the Hotel gives off such a San Antonio vibe, from the decorated long horn skulls in front of the elevator and the patterns in the fabric and the carpet. (Check out Jeff's vlog to see it!) After we checked in, we rested after the roadtrip from Houston in the most comfortable bed everrrr. Seriously I almost didn't want to get up and get dressed for dinner!

On the second floor of the hotel they have the lobby, a patio, a lounge area and an amazingly tasty Argentinian restaurant called  Dorrego’s. I had such a hard time deciding what to order but ended up choosing the chicken milanese, and Jeff ordered to smoked short rib ravioli (which I had a few bites of) and can I say that these dishes were huge and so so good! My favorite part of dinner was hearing the Mariachi's playing down on the riverwalk as we ate on the balcony just above it.

 After being stuffed to the max we decided to head down stairs and stroll down the riverwalk to help our food settle. Mila was so mesmerized by the water and the birds flying by. I loved being able to go down to the riverwalk, and explore the rest of down whenever we wanted to. Being walking distance of so many exciting things was the best part to be honest!

Check out the rest of the pictures from our stay below 👇

What's your favorite thing about San Antonio?