Friday's With The Fam Ep 2 | Gas Shortage in Texas & Mansplaining

Guys I went through all of yesterday thinking it was Thursday! We whole heartedly wanted to put this week's Friday update up on time but our days are all messed up because of Harvey. Watch the full video down below!

As our city rebuilds we are doing everything in our power to help out our community to start the process of healing. Since we have Mila & we can't take her with us to the shelter one of us has to stay behind if we want to volunteer or just lend a helping hand so I decided that I would go ahead and take the leap. We hadn't left our bubble for pretty much the whole week so my mom & I went to help people register for Disaster Unemployment with Work Force Solutions.  I was seeing the shelters on the news, and all over social media but it's one thing to see videos and pictures and another thing to physically be in one. I wasn't emotionally prepared. To see people reduced to trash bags of belongings or people sitting outside with a pile of things that were donated to them but unsure of where to go next really broke my heart and you can't help but feel the need to try and do what you can for everyone.

One thing I learned was that during the day a lot of people are out at their houses cleaning up but once the sun goes down they go back to the shelters to sleep. There are also a lot of people that don't know how to get out of the shelters because they lost their cars, so if you are volunteering let them know that Uber is giving free rides to and from shelters, or even request one for them because a lot of people lost their phones.  

The day before yesterday my aunt sent me a picture of how long the lines were to get gas in San Antonio because there was a rumor going around on social media saying that supposedly the rest of the state going to experience a gas shortage because of the damage here in Houston, which of course is false. This was also in response to the steadily increasing gas prices. Houston is a huge distributor of a lot of things because of the port and all of the petrol and chemical plants we have we're a major artery for the rest of the country and since we're not fully operational right now everyone is going to feel it. 

Throughout the videos that Jeff & I do together I realize that he's always cutting me off or he repeats things that I just said and it makes me laugh because I know he's not doing it on purpose he's just naturally like that, but because we've experienced a super heavy week I find ways to poke fun at him to lighten the mood. So if you don't know what mansplaining is this is the definition: (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. Jeff isn't patronizing or condescending at all but I knew he didn't know what it meant so it would get a pretty funny reaction out of him! 

Since the storm shut down Houston, and we are barely getting back on or feet Mila's appointment to take her cast off for Thursday was canceled and Texas Children's was going to call everyone back to reschedule so it's going to be a couple more weeks until we know when she can get that darn thing off. She's trying to wobble around and run with it and it's so heavy, you can just tell she's ready to get out of it. 

You can watch the vlogs from the storm here: Day 1 | 2 | 3

 Thank you for tuning in this week, we'll see you next Friday!