Family Cruise Packing List : Top 20 Things To Pack For Your Next Cruise

While on a 7-day cruise there are just somethings you can't live without! Here's a list of things you shouldn't forget to pack before you go on your next cruise.

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1. Power Strip
In our room on the Carnival Breeze there was only one power strip, luckily we brought a power strip with us to charge our laptop, cameras, phones & tablets! Seriously we couldn't live without this on our 7-day cruise.

2.  Motion Sickness Medicine
Even though we didn't need the Dramamine, it was our first time on a cruise ship and we didn't know how our bodies were going to react. It's better to be safe than sorry!

3. Beach Towels
Yes, they do provide beach towels on the cruise ship but if you misplace on or lose it, then you end up paying a fee. I tend to lose everything (I lost my phone on the first day of the cruise but thankfully someone turned it into guest services!) so next time I would definitely pack a few of these.

4. Suction Hooks
Space on the cruise ship is a little cramped, there were hooks on our bathroom door but I found that it was a lot easier to just hang things on the walls instead of having them on the floor!

5. Zip Lock Bags
For seashells picked up from the beach or taking some fruit for your toddler from the lido deck because they didn't want to eat lunch I seriously couldn't have lived without my box of ziplock bags.

6. Portable Charges
Our phone batteries barely lasted with the number of pictures and videos we were taking! We had 4 portable chargers with us at all time, especially during the days we spent off the ship.

7. Sunglasses, Hats, Plenty Of Sunblock & Aloe Vera
The sun is no joke! We bought 3 bottles of sunscreen and used all of them. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a sunburnt toddler, but I bought a bottle of aloe vera cooling gel just in case. As careful as I was, my nose still got a little burnt.

8. Netflix Movies
Downloading as many Netflix movies as possible before we left for Mila seriously saved my sanity! Yes, there were cartoons and some awesome movies on at night under the stars, but all the other times (like while we were eating) they came in handy.

9. Formal attire
I ended up not doing enough research and my whole family was seriously underdressed for the formal nights on the ship! There are people who dress in gowns & suits so pack accordingly.

10. Floaties & Beach Toys
 Mila saw the big kids swimming by themselves and decided she didn't want to be held in the pool, or at the beach. I was saved by this full puddle jumper floaty, and she was able to swim to her heart's content. They do provide life jackets for kids onboard, but once you leave the ship you're out of luck. Since I didn't have beach toys and we were cruising in the fall I ended up buying bath toys and they worked just as well.

12. Comfortable Shoes
We did so much walking, and I felt silly wearing a cute outfit with tennis shoes, and after they got wet they stunk so much. I should have invested in some cuter walking shoes!

13. Umbrella or Raincoat
During the Fall it's the rainy season for the western Caribbean, so we packed a few umbrellas and our raincoats and it ended up raining 3/7 days we were on the cruise! Always remember to check the weather while you're packing.

14. Over-the-door Shoe Organizer
 For the same reason you need the suction hooks, an over the door shoe organizer is great to keep everything visible and on the wall!

15. Light Weight Backpack
To carry all the things you don't want to go back to the cabin during the day for! You waste a lot of time having to go back and forth so take a lightweight but sturdy backpack or day bag with you.

16. Cash
Pretty much all the port cities take US Dollars so make sure you take plenty of it. We ended up taking about $300 with us, but if you book all of your excursions in advanced you'll probably need a lot less. If you do forget there's always an ATM on board the cruise ship!

17. Snorkel
 Buying or renting a snorkel on the ship or in the ports can be expensive, it's probably 3 times cheaper to buy one in advance and take it with you! Pro-tip: Don't waste your money on snorkeling when it rained earlier in the day, the water is cloudy and you won't really be able to see anything.

18. Reusable Water Bottle
 The cups they have on the ship are a little small, so we used our reusable water bottles and filled them up through the day. Before you go to your room for the night I suggest filling it up with water & ice so you don't have to buy the expensive water bottles in your room!

19. Emergency Medicine Kit
Children's Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, & antacids were all in our emergency medicine kit! You never know what you're gonna need.

20. Net Bag For Laundry
A net bag is good for storing laundry, or wet & sandy beach toys!

What are things you wouldn't be able to live without while out at sea?