Small Towns In Texas To Add To Your Summer Road Trip List

These last couple of weeks have been probably the busiest of all! We road tripped to our heart's content through Bastrop, Blanco, Johnson City, and Hillsboro Texas for a full week. This was our first road trip where we only stayed and explored some of the smallest towns in Texas, and to be honest it was a refreshing break from city living. 

Bastrop, Texas

Our friend Amanda from Positively Beautiful Life moved out to Bastrop, a small town about 30 minutes before you get to Austin from Houston. Her house is in the hilltops and her view is absolutely amazing. I'm glad we got to escape there for a few days. It's hard not to be as positive as she is with such a serene view outside your window every day. We often eat at Main Street Cafe in Downtown Bastrop, Jeff's favorite thing to order on the menu is the Pork Belly Tempura waffles but I'm a sucker for their croissants. 

If you're looking for an awesome Margherita pizza plus live entertainment on the weekend', Neighbors Kitchen & Yard is the place to stop by. Afterward, you can walk off all the yummy food down the bridge over the Colorado River and stop to snap some pics. 

Amanda lives right off the Colorado River, so we decided to cool down one day and let Mila bear swim her little heart out! 

Blanco, Texas

The Blanco Lavender Festival is one you'll want to visit at least once in your life! When in bloom the smell of lavender is almost heavenly.  

On the hunt for more lavender, we wandered through Blanco state park and regretted not bringing our swimsuits because the water looked so fresh! 

Johnson City, Texas

We stopped here by accident to grab a bite to eat, but after driving around I wish we could have explored it a little more! 

Waco, Texas 

The last time we stopped in Waco we tried to visit the Magnolia Silos only to find out they were closed on Sunday haha so this time we made it a point to stop and see what the hype is all about. I would advise going earlier in the day when it isn't so hot. It might also be less packed! You can enjoy a quick bite or refreshing drink from the food trucks there.

Hillsboro, Texas 

This probably wouldn't have been on our list of places to visit but since I had an event to attend, this was the last stop on our road trip! I got to visit the Schronk family farm and learn all about how corn is produced! (Read the post here) It was a quirky little place filled with cotton and corn farms. 

If there's anything visiting these small towns has taught me, it's that they sometimes have a lot more unique experiences to offer than some bigger cities. It's also nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We enjoyed a week free of traffic and lots of greenery! 

This road trip would not have been possible without the fuel-efficient Mazda3 Grand Touring. This has been my favorite car to road trip in so far not only because gas didn't cost us an arm and a leg but because of how sleek and smooth the ride was!