3 Tips for Healthy Lunches For Back To School

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Sistema®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
As back to school season is upon us we are celebrating Mila going to head start! It’s a little bit of an emotional season for me because my baby is growing up, and she’s never been away from and around so many kids. It’s so important for me to feed her little body the most nutritious food I can, even while she’s at school! This last month of summer is really the time when I get to test out some lunches on her where I sneak healthy food, because while she loves fruit greens are just not her jam. Here are 3 tips I’ve picked up while in my trial and error phase. 

1. Don’t send them to school with something they’ve never eaten before!
While you might want to fill their lunch bags with all sorts of healthy things make sure it’s things that they’ll eat. The last thing you want is for them to be hungry at school, it makes it harder for kiddos to focus.

2. The more color the better
I’ve learned that when Mila’s plate has more color in it she’s more inclined to eat it, so I do my best to use the color’s mother nature has already provided us with. Things like carrots, grapes, blueberries, apples and cucumbers. Sometimes, when I have time, I’ll cut her food into shapes and have her tell me what shape and color it is that way we make eating fun and educational.

3. Don’t over complicate things, just be prepared!
The truth is that there are going to be those mornings when you run late, and you didn’t get a chance to pack lunch for the kiddos the night before. I find that on mornings like those it helps to have the fridge stocked with healthy grab and go items that way you’re not throwing in a bag of chips when you could have just thrown in an apple. Have containers that you can easily pack lunches in that will separate the food & keep some things from getting soggy, like the Sistema® Salad bowl, bento box, or lunch kit. You can find Sistema® Containers on Amazon, right now they're running special promos through August!

While I’m preparing myself to get into the groove of a morning routine with my little one, I’m glad that I can count on my Sistema®  containers to help me organize our lunches in the fridge when I do prepare them the night before. They make buying items for our lunches a lot cheaper because I can always buy items in bulk instead of in small individually wrapped items that cost a lot more.

What are your favorite healthy items to put in your kiddos lunch boxes?