3 Tips for Baby’s First Bath

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Johnson’s®, however, all opinions expressed below are my own honest opinions. 

Giving your baby their first bath can be a daunting task, especially for new moms! It’s a new experience for you and baby, and chances are they might hate it and scream the whole time like Mila did or they could spend the whole time staring at you wondering what the heck is going on as Bella did. You honestly don’t know until you try, but I’m here to make sure you’re prepared for the whole thing! 

1.Make sure you have all your supplies close by

There’s nothing worse than having your baby in the water, wailing and realizing you forgot the soap. Here’s a list of things to have before putting the baby in the water:

Soap: A gentle soap that won’t irritate your baby’s skin like my favorite new Johnson’s® CottonTouch™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo! It’s made with real cotton, and it’s clinically proven mild and safe for fragile newborn skin. If you could bottle the smell of a newborn this is exactly what it would smell like, I seriously can’t get enough of it. 

Lotion: Just like with the soap you use, the lotion should be just as gentle.  The new Johnson’s® CottonTouch™ Newborn Face & Body Lotion is a breathable and hydrating water-based formula. I love the lightweight texture that absorbs super quick and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue on my newborn’s skin. 

Diaper: Have this one the closest, you don’t want to get peed on because your baby is cold.

Towel & Clothes: I usually have the towel unfolded and ready to go on the side that way I keep the baby as warm as possible to keep her from crying. Also, don’t forget the mittens & socks.

Pacifier: This helps to soothe baby if they’re crying after taking their bath. We all know how hard it is to get a crying baby’s clothes on.

2. Test the water with your elbow before putting your baby in the water

The last thing you want to do is startle your baby with water that’s too cold or scald their sensitive skin with water that’s too hot. Newborn skin is way more sensitive than our skin, so when you test the water temp use a more sensitive spot like your elbow and not your hand. 

3. Have patience & stay calm

Remember this is your baby’s first bath, and it’s a completely new experience for them. Use a calm and soothing voice and talk them through what you’re doing. Yes, they don’t understand you but hearing your voice is calming enough, and it will distract you from all the nerves.

Make the process as painless as possible by using products that are one-hand friendly like the new design in the Johnson’s® product line. You won’t really have an extra hand to spare, especially when bathing a newborn.

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