My New Mom Must Haves | Surviving Motherhood Together

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As a mom of two, I feel like I finally have my list of must-haves down. This is the question I get asked the most! With Mila, it definitely was a lot of trial and error, and even now some things that worked for Mila don't work for Bella. As a mom, you always have to remember that every baby is different, so take all the advice you get with an open mind. At the end of the day, you are that precious little baby's momma so you know what's best for them!  Motherhood is the hardest most rewarding job out there, especially when it's your first time around. I'm happy to be here to help you through it, with the help of Nice 'n CLEAN wipes

I've divided my list into the 3 most important parts of a baby's life in the first few months, feeding, diapering, and sleep. 


Bottle feeding - for the first 3 months I would advise 4 oz bottles and a variety of nipple types. Some babies are extremely picky when it comes to their bottles. 

Breastfeeding- I couldn't live without nursing bras, a nursing cover, washable breast pads, and a few nursing shirts. I didn't know this until after I had already started breastfeeding though! I struggled because I tried to save a few bucks but ultimately ended up buying everything.

Pumping- a good electric pump (that can be portable as well) and breast milk storage bags are definitely must-haves on my list. Make sure that the breast pump flanges are the correct size, if not it can cause a world of problems. Also, remember that you should be prepared to pump anywhere! 


When it came to diapering, we knew we didn't want to do cloth diapers. What we did do was stock up on different sizes of diapers. Do not buy too many newborn diapers (one box should be fine) you'd be surprised on how fast they grow out of them! I do suggest having storage for diapers to be readily available to anyone in the house. That way when you're not around everything is together in one place. We have a changing station in our house, but don't always change the baby there!

Wipes were huge must have to have around the house even when Mila entered toddlerhood. You can use them for just about anything. However, the kind of wipe matters a lot to us. I knew that since Mila had such sensitive skin, it was highly likely that Bella would too. So I stuck with a brand that was familiar to us, and stocked up!

Not only does the wipe have to be sensitive but also sturdy enough to power through a blow out without it ripping up. We loved Nice 'n CLEAN baby wipes. Not only are they strong but they are 100% plant-based fibers. Making them gently enough for hands, faces & bottoms. I love that they're hypoallergenic so I don't have to worry about my wipes causing a breakout. The best part about these wipes is that the packaging is material is quieter, that way you don't startle your sweet little newborn awake when you're changing them in the middle of the night! They come in a variety of package sizing options and are available for purchase at your local H-E-B.


While I love receiving blankets I replaced these with easy to use Swaddlers instead! They make it easy and fast to get your bundle of joy to sleep. Since newborns are getting used to the outside world being swaddled is the most comfortable for them. I also always used a sound machine with both of the girls because it lulls them to sleep a lot faster than me singing to them. On tough nights I wouldn't have survived without our swing! This was one item I didn't mind spending good money on because it would rock our baby to sleep when mama's arms were just too exhausted. 

I hope all of these items help you on your journey through motherhood!