Mila's First Day of Pre-K + Trendy Back To School Looks

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my own honest opinions. 

It's really hard to grasp the fact that Mila is in school this year. I feel like she's still my little baby every time I look at her but then I hear her talk and I know she's more than ready. It's a big deal for us because last year we tried and she wasn't ready. Her first day she told us she was done for Pre-K and ready for Kindergarten so she could ride the bus! 😅She's a trip y'all. 

For her first school year, I really wanted her to be able to express her personality and let her be in control of what she wears. Mila is already such an independent child, and very picky so I don't think I really had a choice. We headed to one of our favorite places, Walmart and I let her guide me through the clothes to pick out a couple of outfits. 

What I observed is that she will go for anything animal print, and she has a surprisingly trendy style. Like how would she know tie-die & plaid are a thing right now? She would say "Cuz I'm smart duh, mom!" 

We also ended up doing all her school supply shopping through Walmart online. I was dreading going to any store during this time with both of the girls. I always remember it being so hectic & stressful. Luckily Walmart has things sorted out by grade here

I can't wait to see Mila learn and grow. My friends told me by the end of the year I'm going to see her develop so much. This is such a bittersweet experience, I'm happy that Walmart has made it so easy for me to soak up every part of the process! 

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