How I Keep My Busy-Body Baby Occupied

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all the opinions expressed below are my honest opinions. 

I can't believe we already made it to a whole year with our little Bella! When they say every baby is different, they mean every baby is different. I know I had Mila and Noah but they were probably the calmest kids ever. Since Bella has been walking since 9 months, I just can't get her to slow down. I've made it this far thanks to some essentials I keep stocked up and on hand when I just need her to sit still to change her diaper or to wash her hair. Luckily I can find everything I need at Walmart

Even going to the shop is so much different from her! If I don't have a toy handy I stop by the toy aisle and pick one up to keep her occupied. 

Today's Walmart run consisted of several things from the amazing baby section! I had to stock up on some diapers and wipes, a couple bath body washes, and some toys. The toys I found were more to help Bella develop her motor skills. Toys like this help keep her focused on a task that way she'll sit still when I'm trying to brush her hair after a bath or change her diaper. 

Bath time is always a struggle for us since she is such a busy-body. I love these foam letters that stick to the walls of the tub, they keep her entertained and let me wash her hair with ease. I always keep the tub stocked with our favorite Johnson's Baby body washes & bubble baths.

I love Hello Bello's cute patterned diapers! I tend to keep little diapering stations filled with diapers, wipes, toys & lotions all over the house that way I'm ready ahead of time.

What are your best tips for keeping baby occupied when you're trying to do something?

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