Mila's Magical 5th Birthday | Virtual Birthday Party

Unicorn surprise party - newmominanewera

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We're not gonna let quarantine stop the party! We celebrated Mila's 5th birthday virtually in an attempt to keep things as 'normal' as they possibly could. I ordered a balloon garland kit from amazon for an easy way to make Mila's day feel like it would be if we were going to celebrate it in pre-quarantine times. I already knew she wanted to continue her Dinounicorn theme, so I set up a Facebook event for our family to know what date and time we were going to sing happy birthday and keep everything in a centralized. 

While Mila was still a little sad we couldn't have a birthday party with all her friends, she was happy to see all her family and friends in one place! We definitely had a blast and it was such a low-stress way to get everyone together. Especially because we were right in the middle of packing all our things to move. 

My little dino-unicorn wore her unicorn costume as we sang happy birthday, and they watched her devour her cakes done by my mom, you can find her cake & sweet treat shop on Facebook

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