Affordable Back To School Outfits For Girls

 This post was sponsored by Walmart. However, all the opinions expressed below are my own true opinions.

Mila and I had a blast picking out outfits together at our local Walmart. We both look forward to school shopping, especially with amazing prices like these! She loves to express her unique style through her clothes, and I love seeing what her amazing brain comes up with! As her mom, I know that if I don't let her pick her own clothes, there's a high chance that I won't get her into what I pick out without a fuss. I want her to feel confident going through life, and I know that that starts with wearing clothes that make you feel like the most confident version of yourself. This also helps us avoid any speed bumps in our new morning routine. 

Mila values comfort and wearing things that share the characters she's into. She will forever be the dino queen, so this school year's wardrobe would not be complete without a Jurassic Park Tee, some comfy cargo pants, and these super cool sneakers

Her next fave pick for this year completely surprised me! Mila is not an avid skirt wearer, but this pleated and plaid school matched perfectly with this pokemon tee and super comfy biker boots. Mila didn't want to take this one off! 

This kitty t-shirt dress was one of my favorites, mostly because I know we can throw it together on the mornings we're running behind. Mila loves anything with kitties! 

A great school day starts with a great night's sleep! That's why Mila has these fleece Justice PJs on repeat. 

Shop your school gear favorites at or at your local Walmart.

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