My weekend by the numbers!

(Note from the new momma: Last week my little Noah had a cold so he was a handful and that made a blog post nearly impossible! So I apologize but he did need all of my attention!)

This weekend was full of surprises! Jeff is not too keen about making plans but he loves to do things spontaneously here's a look at how my weekend went!
 We had Camila's 4 month check up! She's doing wonderfully! She weighs 13lbs 11oz, and is 23 inches long. My baby is going to take after her momma in the height department sadly. She also got 2 shots which she obviously didn't like but I think that her early experience with needle taught her its not worth crying about and to just take a nap. She fell asleep in my arms walking up the stairs to our room. I love it when she hugs me, so I took a selfie, then muted my phone, and took a much-needed nap with my sweetie. 

 After dinner at my in-laws house Jeffrey's mom offered to watch Camila so we could go out and do whatever. We decided on frozen yogurt's in City Center at Red Mango!

   Saturday was full of sun, smiles, and the Pearland International Festival.This was their 3rd year hosting it, and our first year attending! Camila pretty much slept the entire time we were there. We actually had a really great time. My favorite performers were the Panamanian dancers. I honestly didn't know much about panama until that day. their music reminded me of cumbia with an African twist. I chickened out on trying the Jamaican patties, and opted for a mango Hawaiian shaved ice cone, they were so delicious we tried chamango and strawberry lemonade at the Ono ice truck. We ended up going home around 5 and finished off the night with 3 Netflix movies and some delicious PHO.

 Sunday was filled with animals at the Houston Zoo! We got up close and personal with an ostrich who thought my sisters fingers were worms and tried to eat them through the glass it was pretty funny. We chatted with the keeper of the giraffes and got all our questions answered while they got fed.

The bears in the first picture were playing around and chasing each other it was pretty funny and the most active I had ever seen them, they're usually sleeping.

 About 2 hours into our trip to the zoo my back was killing me so daddy offered to carry Camila, it was his first time! He did very well and Camila loves being carried by her papa! 

 For some reason I didn't get a picture of all 3 of them but I did manage to snag 2 of them! Natalie is on the left and Emily is on the right. 

I managed to get 3 family photos!! Yay for this momma it's hard to get Camila to look at the camera but we managed to 3 times! 

At the end of the day I had one tired family! We ended the day with a stroll through Herman Park, and the Japanese Gardens then headed home for some much-needed rest!

I am so sore from all that walking we did, but I wouldn't change a thing! Camila loved the Zoo and I can't wait to take her back when she's a little bit older and understands a little bit more.