2 Babies & A Sign | A New Mom's Guide To Teaching Your Babies Sign Language

Last week was my first week of teaching my 6-month-old brother American Sign Language! When I was about 3 months pregnant I came across a story I don't remember where actually it was most likely on a social media outlet, explaining why ASL would be beneficial for hearing babies as well. I decided to look further into it, looked up some Pinterest boards, a couple of YouTube Videos, tons of articles, and even a couple of books. It didn't take too much convincing after I read my first book, The Signing Bible, where she shares her story and experiences with signing. The story that stayed with me was when her and her daughter were at the park and a little boy came and took her toys, any mother would go to rectify the situation but instead, she signed to her daughter and asked her if she need help, the little girl signed back no and handled the situation herself.

My Grandma, Noah, and Camila

 Before a baby can talk their only form of communication is crying, whining, and grabbing, with ASL you have an easy method of communicating non-verbally. It helps to have a less stressed and happier baby/toddler! I’m down for anything that helps my baby. Plus not only are they being taught ASL but we also speak Spanish with them both regularly! Multilingual kids can you believe that? 

So our first sign with Noah is bottle, it’s a word we use often, and that he knows what it means because he’ll stop crying when we say the word. In the books it recommends you to teach signs when there is a necessity for it, babies won’t understand or care to understand if you ask them if they want their bottle when they’re not hungry! You get the babies attention, and sign close to your face. 

My flash Cards and The signing Bible

In the week that we’ve been doing it, all I get are smiles and laughs. Which is fine by me, he’s barely learning how to clap within the next month I hope to see more progress. Babies at first don’t always make the exact sign that we teach them they show us approximation signs, so it’s important to exercise patients and attention to detail with our babies!
 This week I’ll add in the sign for Bath, and every week I’ll continue to add signs and keep you updated on my progress! 


If you would like to learn more about American Sign Language for Hearing Babies here are a couple of links I have found useful: http://www.babysignlanguage.com/ (I did not purchase this, I just used it for informative purposes!)  , http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/baby-sign-language.html

The Books I’ve read:
The Signing Bible by Laura Berg (The founder of My SmartHands)

YouTube Videos that have helped me:
Baby Einstein ASL For Infants And Toddlers: https://youtu.be/d1P6IxBSwMc
Parents Magazine Baby Starter Signs Playlist: https://youtu.be/03Kgmd8ePqI?list=PLoR8RcesjV0KnOKv_IqxEtbZAfuBdaZtk

I want to give these babies as many advantages and outlets to express themselves as possible, and foster their growth so they can reach their maximum potential!