Jeff's 22nd Birthday | A Birthday Weekend To Remember

 Jeffrey, my Husband, just turned 22 on Monday! This weekend we had quite a weekend to celebrate it. I organized a surprise birthday dinner at Ibiza. I had originally made the reservation for 10 people after asking and getting answers from 10 people saying, of course, they wouldn't miss it! Even the day of I asked and made sure everyone was coming, guess how many people showed up, 5! I was beyond embarrassed, especially because Jeff had no idea! I had told him it was only going to be a dinner with me and his sister, we get there and there are 7 other empty spaces. He's like just us? And I nervously made up an excuse saying they must have gotten the reservation wrong while frantically texting everyone asking for etas. Two people out of the 10 texted me saying they couldn't make it but no one else bothered to text me back which made me so made. At least have the decency to text me saying I can't make it!! I'm so glad I didn't go to another restaurant which was charging me per person!! The people that mattered were there never the less!

 The atmosphere there is very chill, with dim lights, and smaller tables it gives it a more intimate feel. A little bit on the pricey side but if the waitress takes the napkin from the table and puts it on your lap, it's definitely worth it. (I've honestly never had that happen to me and I was really surprised lol) If that doesn't convince you then order the truffle fries they'll make you a believer! The food was absolutely amazing, and instead of a birthday cake, we got a birthday cotton candy, not normal but definitely memorable for us. Funny story time: so after we finally all finished eating and our plates are picked up Jeff decides to go to the restroom, and the waitress brings out the cotton candy sparkler and all and he's not there! Everyone at the other tables is cracking up and the waitress just throws her hands up in the air like "oh great!"

Jeff couldn't contain his excitement
We finished the night at Discovery Green taking pictures and telling old stories. All in all, it was a great Saturday night and 22 has never looked better on my handsome man!
 Enjoy some of the pics we took: 

Jeff's Cousin Cathy

Cathy, Jeff, Debbie, & Allan

Debbie, Jeff's Sister

Me (I'm such a hot tamale)

Jeff (Correction WE'RE hot tamales) 
 Sunday was filled with firsts for me, and it definitely wasn't planned! Jeff woke up and said let's go to the San Jacinto Monument! Of course, I was up for it because it was a chance for all of us to go out and enjoy the beautiful Texas weather and I had never been in my 10 years of living in Houston!

The Battle of San Jacinto, almost a third of what is now the United States of America changed ownership. It is one of the most decisive and consequential battles in the history of the United States and indeed the Western world.
We went up the elevator 567.31 Ft., the worlds tallest war memorial,  in the sky and took in the beauty that surrounded us. I was absolutely in awe, from outside I was afraid to look up because I got dizzy, but from inside it was crazy how small everything looked.

After taking in the sights from the top and walking through the museum we took a journey down to The Historic Battle Ship Grounds.

The last remaining Naval ship that fought in WWI & WWII

She was beautiful, and didn't look her age at all! There was something so powerful about being in the presence of this grand Battleship. We had to take pictures! Camila was just all smiles while we were there and her daddy loves boats! So we thought it would be a perfect time.

On the way out I had Jeff stop to get this amazing pic of my sister:

Are you sick of pictures yet? Because I'm not done! haha! Off of 288 on the way back home we finally got a chance to stop at The Eclectic Menagerie Park! I've always wondered if we could but Jeff did research beforehand and found out it was a public museum of sorts. It is located at the edge of the Texas Pipe & Supply's property. The Rubenstein family, who own the company love art and recruited the local artist to construct each one of their metal sculptures that are there today! We got a chance to stop by and take some cool pictures! 

Don't worry Jeff's hand is just photo-shopped out! lol

All in all, we had an amazing weekend, learned so much, and got amazing pictures to remember it for years to come! 

What did you guys do this weekend?