I Dyed My Hair Purple!

Well, technically it’s violet. In the spirit of the colder months to come  I decided to go a darker color, also, blonde is a very expensive and hard color to keep up with! (#BallerOnABudget) So I decided to take advantage of the fact that my grandma was in town and we took a trip to Armstrong Mccall to take a look at colors! 

I didn’t want to do black, I felt like that was too safe, or a dark brown, so I opened my handy dandy Pintrest app and searched for  fall and winter hair colors and became torn between a reddish-brown and a burgundy! 

The result of late night Pinning
Armed with pins saved to my phone I combed the aisles with my grandma and my mom and settled on the paul Mitchel section. You never really realize how many hair color possibilities there are until you are standing in front of like 100’s of hair swatches. Each one a dazzling new hair possibility. In my experience this was the most difficult part, after about 10 minutes of standing there touching possibly ever swatch of hair in front of me I fell absolutely in love with a deep violet color . 

After the dying process was over and done with all of the questions began to flood into my mind, although I absolutely loved it, what would people think? Would I get written off as a bad mom because my hair color isn’t a “normal shade”. Would they think that I was irresponsible and “too young to have a baby”. What would the people I attend weekly business meetings think? Would I give off the “she’s too young to know anything of substance” vibe.  I swear I must have asked Jeff more than a thousand times if he liked it or not trying to convince myself that his opinion was the only one that mattered. 
A collage of selfies was necessary

I realized my opinion was the only one that mattered.
My hair. My decision.
I looked in the mirror and saw a mommy that got a confidence boost. That said who cares what everyone else thinks. I’m gonna do me. And that’s all that matters.

Never though I would ever quote the mom from Mean Girls!