Dear 16 Year Old Me From 20 Year Old Me

16 year old me; Selfie game still on fleek (that's a word for on point these days)

      A lot has changed, more than you would have expected by now. There are a few things that you should have done, but you weren't as aware as I am now. We've matured, been tested, and have come out stronger than we would have ever dreamed. 

   You'll never believe this but mom was right, and now we know that she was and always will be right. Probably something you're not thrilled about since you guys fought so much but just trust me on this one. We couldn't function on a day to day basis without her advice. Seriously if we just would have listened life would have probably been a little easier!
My mom & I

  We joined the Army...I heard that gasp, I know. Never in a million years did we think that was going to be one of our accomplishments but it is. We were pushed to our limits physically and mentally, and you can be proud that we made it out alive and stronger for it. It helped us meet some pretty amazing people, especially all the kick butt army strong women that are out there. We made memories, laughed, and learned so much. I am in awe everyday at where these ladies are today.

My sisters in arms
 What I'm about to tell you might just shock you but....we didn't grow up to be an old lonely cat lady! We have a family! An amazing husband named Jeffrey, he is everything you could have dreamt of and more. There have been ups & downs, there always will be that's life, but through thick and thin I am confident that we'll get through whatever life throws our way. We also have a beautiful daughter named Camila (yes I named her after that band that played the theme song of that novela duh!) She's 5 months now, and getting big so fast. I wish time would slow down just a little bit. She's so silly too. I swear she thinks shes a monkey by the way she uses her toes like fingers. It's so hard to keep her still now! I miss the days when she was tiny and just slept on my chest all day. She's taught us so much, and has added so much to our lives. I know it's crazy but we got through birth, and after that you realize that the amount of effort it takes to bring someone into this world it's so worth it for the amount of just pure love that you feel afterwards. 

Jeff & I

Camila, the beach babe
We have a little brother too! Yes, I know, finally! He's the cutest, and definitely what mom & dad need. Someone to keep them young, and on their toes. As if you didn't do that yourself with all the trouble you are going to cause in the next couple of years. Rushing to turn 18 and get out of the house was probably not the brightest idea.

Noah, so stinking cute!

 Although we dedicated ourselves so much in high school to school, like going to an early college, we took a detour after the army! Right now we run a supercalaphragalistic blog, are practicing our photography, and are Independent Business Owners. We are working so that Camila lives the quality of life our mom wanted to give us. Remember that dream of one day motivating & inspiring others? Well I'm working on it I promise. That desire to help everyone is still there. It'll always be there.

Jeff & Mila

I have a couple pieces of advice for you and for future me too. 
Tell mom you love her every day, because she needs to be reminded that she is appreciated.
Don't rush to get older, savor every second of every day because you'll never get them back.
Wake up every morning thankful that God has given you another day, life is so precious. 
Positive thoughts will get you so many places.
Don't be afraid of people! You never know who you're going to meet, or the opportunities they could bring you.
Always, always, always smile & say thank you!
Love yourself.
Love your body. ( You can create new life for Christs sake that's freaking AMAZING!!) 
Be confident.
Be kind.
Love unconditionally. 

Take a deep breath, put your hair in a pony tail, and just write through it. You'll get there I promise. 

Love always, 
Your 20 year old self
We have purple hair now too. Being a mom doesn't stop you from being cool!