What's in my Diaper Bag? | New Mom Basics

I vividly remember the first time I went out with Camila, I had put it off for sometime because of the pain from my C-Section. No one gives you a guide as to what to you're gonna need when you go outside the comfort of your own home and asking just makes you feel like you don't know what you're doing! I'm pretty sure I tried to pack the entire changing table into my bag, but as you get to know your baby more, and as you venture out more you'll figure out what the essentials are for you! 

Here are the essentials for Camila & Me to have a hassle free time away from the comfort of our house! 

Extra Clothes

My baby isn't exactly the cleanest baby around so I know to bring 2-3 extra pair of clothes. This also comes in handy when the weather starts to change and you know you're going to be out for a while! Here in Texas fall weather consists of sweater weather in the mornings & nights, desert heat in the afternoons so I pack a sweater and some pants for little Camila! I'm a little anxious for the cold weather because I don't know how Camila's going to handle it! She hates being cold! 

 Shoes & Socks

My baby loves to lose her shoes, or kick them off. It's happened to me before where she's lost both of them too. I can't dress her without putting shoes or slippers on her for some reason, is that weird? My biggest fear is to have her barefoot in public. I don't like the thought of her bare feet touching everything because she loves to stick them in her mouth! At least with shoes on she'll just play with her laces! 


Whatever you call them! 

I literally can't leave the house with just one of these. She manages to always lose the one she has even if it has a clip and is attached to her!! Either that or they fall on the ground and I can't clean them off properly, extras never hurt no body! 

Hair Bows

Because of the lucious head of hair my baby has she's always getting mistaken for a boy! Even if she's wearing a pink dress (which I don't understand) Camila hates wearing them though she always manages to pull them out or she moves too much and they just slip off of her big ol' head.  


Seriously, I have a drool monster right now and I can't leave the house without these bad boys. Camila is also a very messy eater so in order to avoid her cute outfits getting stained bibs are a life saver.

Diapers, Wipes, & Baby Lotion

This of course is a no brainer! I bring 4-5 diapers with me at all times, you never know what's gonna happen. From explosive diarrhea to a flow like the Niagara falls you just can never be too safe. The baby lotion is for when Camila decides to throw up and it gets in her neck rolls and starts to smell like cheese (you know what I'm talking about) I wipe it down with a baby wipe & then put a little bit of baby lotion so she doesn't smell like cheese!

Extra Blanket & Toys

Like is said before Camila hates being cold so I always have to bring a blanket, but I have mommy brain and sometimes forget to bring it so if I have one already in my diaper bag I'm covered! She also can't take a nap without hold her blanket so if I want a peaceful car ride I gotta have a blankie! Toys are also key in me maintaining my sanity. Babies get bored fast & need constant entertainment luckily I always stash a toy or two in my diaper bag!

Essentials you might want to consider while packing your Diaper bag:

-Hand sanitizer
-Changing mat (Mine is attatched to my Betsy Johnson Diaper Bag so I don't really have to think twice about this one)
-Snacks (for you & baby)
-Baby water (for the formula fed babies)
-A hair tie for you (you never know when your hair is gonna frustrate you, so put it up in a bun and get it out of the way!) 
-A mini first aide kit (for toddlers that walk around bumps, bruises & scratches might happen!) 
-Soothing Gel (for the teething babies)

What's in your diaper bag?