#ThrowbackThursday | A Look Back To My Childhood

 Throwback Thursday is my absolute favorite! I love seeing all the cute baby pictures, or the crazy fashion & makeup that was in back then. Like this gem I found buried in a box in my mom's closet!

My aunt Pearl, my mom, me, my aunt Liz
 The times certainly have changed. We live in a more aware world now. Nothing is as simple as was back then, when you would wake up early morning on saturday to watch cartoons. Camera phones didn't exist so you lived in the moment, and there weren't alot of chances to take a picture of mistakes, but I'm glad they caught this one because it's hilarious!
Looks like I'm having the time of my life! 
The people we held dear to our hearts were still making memories we'd cherish for a lifetime with us.
My great grandma may she rest in peace
4 Generations of strong women
I cherish pictures of memories I was too little to retain, like when my sister was a tiny baby. Now she's taller than me and doesn't let me forget it!
I was very excited to have a baby sister, she could not care less though lol

 My mom always tells me that I couldn't speak but I sure new the names of all the fast food restaurants! My aunt tells me that when I could talk I would always try and order the biggest burger on the menu. What can I say a girl loves a good burger!

The beginning of my fry addiction
This isn't even my cake lol
Everyone has that box of old photos they revisit every now and again. I know my family likes to go through them when we want to laugh, or just to see what we've forgotten. I never fails to bring us closer. If it's one thing that I've learned from the women in my family it's that when everything feels like it's going wrong, or like there's no hope, a good laugh can fix anything. We've shared so many laughs I don't know how we don't have 6 packs already. They're there probably under all the rolls of love!

What's a memory that get's you through a hard time?