5 Gift Ideas for New & Expectant Moms

The holidays are fast approaching and as you set out to buy gifts I wanted to give you a couple of ideas & suggestions to help you along the way!

I was very very pregnant last Christmas and the best thing I got was a better body pillow & maternity clothes if you haven't noticed everything about being pregnant is expensive!

1: Baby Swing

Fisher Price SnugaSwing Found on Target.com
 The baby swing was like a God send. Camila still uses it today when she's having a hard time sleeping. This is a major purchase though (Over $100) so if you're not comfortable shelling out that much cash for a gift maybe get a group of friends together and split it! It's so worth it. 

2: Winter Clothes for baby! 


 You literally can never have enough winter clothes for the baby especially because they grow out of it so fast! A jacket if the baby doesn't have on or these Boy & Girl Fleece Sleepers are always on sale at Carters!! Right now they have $8 winter door buster deals!

3: Diapers


Target always has great diaper deals!
 If you know they use disposable diapers then this is a no-brainer! Babies use them literally everyday, it doesn't take much to ask what brand and size they're using and you'd be helping a ton! It might not be the most exciting gift but it's definitely a practical gift.

4: Developmental Toys

 I had to put toys on here, but not just any! If you're going to buy a toy you should buy one that will help baby learn! Like this Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano found at Babies-R-Us! Noah and Camila loved these things when they couldn't sit up, and now they play with their little chubby hands.

5: Something for mom 


For the expectant moms a nice poncho, which are very in right now, would be awesome! Like this Jessica Simpson Sleeveless Pullover Poncho from Motherhood! For the new mom a gift certificate to get a massage would be heavenly. Being a mom is hard, so treat them to something just for her! 

What are some gift ideas you would suggest? Leave them in the comments below!!