Managing the Holidays : Family Edition

The holidays are always tough for us when it comes to figuring out where we're going to spend them. Both sides of our families are large and all over Texas! From Houston, to San Antonio, and now Austin we just didn't know how to manage them. We had to sit down and really discuss what we were going to do and coordinate with our families. It would be so much easier if we had a giant house with an infinite number of rooms to just have the WHOLE family here, but that's just not the case so here are a couple of things that helped us figure out what to do & where to go! 

Find out where your family is spending the holidays.

My parents tend to bounce back and forth one year in San Antonio, one year here in Houston it's hard keeping up but Thanksgiving is almost always at my Grandmas house. For the last 3 years we've done Thanksgiving with my family. One while I was in Basic Training in South Carolina & the other years in San Antonio with my grandma. This year we decided it we should spend Thanksgiving with Jeff's Family but this year they'll be in Austin, so tonight we'll be making the drive up there! (Wish us luck!)

(Some of) My Family

Make sure you don't hurt anyone's feelings!

Unfortunately this didn't really translate well with the rest of my family as it's Camila & Noah's first Thanksgiving! We settled it & guess what we're having 2 thanksgivings!! Yes it's going to suck because I live for my grandma's cooking especially on Thanksgiving but there is always leftovers which is arguably the best part of Thanksgiving!

Jeff's Family

I'm going to be honest there was an argument before we came to an agreement, mostly because I wanted Camila to spend her first thanksgiving with her great grandma, grandma, & the rest of the family but then after a while I did realize I was being unfair. We don't see Jeff's side of the family nearly as often as we should but that's mainly because they live so far away and are all older and busy with their own lives. My family is full of kids and a little more understanding. Jeff is always getting in trouble because we dont make the effort to go see them, but it takes a lot of effort to get ready to go to a house that isn't exactly kid friendly. This is definitely a story for another day though!

If it's your first holiday as your own little family there are bound to be some bumps in the road but try and keep a level head and consider both sides of the argument before making any rash decisions. The holidays are supposed to bring people together not drive them apart! So keep it simple and try not to over complicate things! 

How did you guys manage your first thanksgiving together? 
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