#ConfidenceChallenge | A Challenge To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is something I've struggled with since I was a little girl. Right before middle school I got a little chunky & the girls at school weren't always the nicest. People are always threatened by things that aren't the same and tend to react negatively to them. I wish I could say that I ignored them and continued being me, but I let all of the negativity get under my skin and started believing the things they were telling me that I was. 

You might be thinking well why didn't you tell anyone? It's embarrassing. To tell your mom that the girls at school were calling you fat & making fun of what you were wearing. It hurts you somewhere deep inside and affects how you start to see yourself. 

This is a common story, unfortunately. It doesn't matter if you were fat, skinny, tall, or short anyone can start to feel insecure about something someone else's comments. You might not have meant what you said, just joking, or not really thinking too much of what you were saying because we truly don't realize how much power our words have. 

What is the solution though? 

It is impossible to tell everyone to mind their mouths and become more sensitive to those around them. but we can start building our own confidence & the confidence of our children so that the negative just rolls off.

Confidence is something that affects everybody. My sisters are the most beautiful girls I know and yet I always hear all of the things they wished to change about themselves. Things they don't like, that they're fat, not tall enough, or just simply not enough. This is something I hope to avoid with my own daughter. 

I am currently reading Joel Osteen's "The Power of I Am" a book I strongly recommend, and the idea occurred to me out of nowhere, it just materialized. I am going to challenge you to a Confidence Challenge. 

This Challenge is to help you shake off the negative thoughts and to use your own words to start blessing your future. Silence them and give power to the words that will bring positivity into your life. Words are powerful! When you verbalize your thoughts you are giving them the right to come to pass.

I challenge you to post one picture for 10 days that you feel like represent each declaration!! Feel free to tag me, @newmominanewera I would love to see everyone's declaration & make sure to use the hashtag #ConfidenceChallenge