My 1st Rocks Box

 Today my Rocks Box came in the mail and I was so flippin excited I documented the whole unveiling on Snapchat (gonzash21)! I really had no idea what to expect. When they reached out to me I felt truly honored and jumped on the opportunity because honestly their jewelry was beautiful! 

As a busy mommy who is having less & less time to go out shopping this is the perfect solution! Who wouldn't want to pick their favs and wait to get a whole box full of pretty Jewelry? Their website was so easy to use and if you're having trouble guess what!? There is a chat box where an actual person answers all your burning questions! 

The package was almost too pretty to open....almost! Then when you do open it & see your name you're like well guess who's excited to see me too. The instructions were provided on the inside along with a mailing label to send the jewelry back. It's so convenient & easy. 

Now that I'm more involved in the blogging community and getting several event invitations, with fashion bloggers(!!!) I definitely need to step up my game when it comes to my style. This was an amazing place to start, my next stop clothes! I'll keep you guys updated on how I style my beautiful accessories. My goal: well priced, fashionable, & functional clothing pieces! 

Want 1 month free on me? I totally got you girls! 


That's new mom in a new era x o x o