Letters to Camila

Dear Camila,

      You have so much personality already & you're only 6 months! Mommy is amazed & in awe of you everyday. I find myself staring at you and just wondering how I created such a beautiful &sweet little thing. You just learned how to roll around & now mommy can't keep you in one place! You're nickname now is rollie-pollie-ollie!

You started laughing outloud now too & it fills me with such joy, sorry if you see mommy cry a lot, it's not because I'm sad but because I'm so happy. The first two months you were so sick mommy just didn't know if you would ever be this happy healthy baby! Now you yell at mommy when she isn't going fast enough or when Noah takes your pacifier. You're attitude has come out so much now you don't just laugh when Noah tries to push you around you fight back. 

My little angel you're growing too fast for me. I just want to hug you forever and keep you a little tiny baby. I know that won't happen because you're growing right before my eyes! 

You have taught me so much, more than I ever thought was possible. You helped me realize my purpose, & dreams. You've pushed me to give you the life that I know you deserve. Mommy was so lost before you came into our lives.You were a blessing from heaven. You have made mommy & daddy's life complete. 

I get overwhelmed sometimes because I don't know if I'm messing up or doing things right, but when I see your beautiful smile & your eyes full with pure love it's like all the stress & worry just melt away. Those chubby little fingers grab onto my nose and touch my face remind me everyday to keep going. I fight for you baby girl. I fight so that when you're older you have the freedom to be and do anything you dream. 

Mommy wants to raise a strong woman who knows her opinions are important & matter. A strong confident woman who feels beautiful in her skin no matter what anyone says. I want to raise a little girl that believes she can change the world, and has an imagination larger than the universe. 

Baby girl I want you to always remember that mommy & daddy are always going to be here to help you when you fall, & to guide you when you are lost. We love you more than you will ever know!

Love forever & always, 

A letter from Daddy


Dear Camila, 

Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Daddy's not the best writer
but this for you.

You are beautiful. You changed my life in the most beautiful way. Ever since I was old enough to think about having a family, having a baby was an overwhelming thought on its own. I never dreaded it though because I knew a blessing like you would com. Even as a young teenager everyone would say I was great with kids. Baby's loved me! Then a few years went by and my ability kind of went away. Maybe they were put away for someone special, someone like you, Camila.

I promise to dare you to dream big, and work for all the better things in life. The bigger the dream the further you will go! Your mom & I will give you an overly abundant life with a very loving family! (You have so many family members it's hard not to baby girl!) The only things you'll be missing is your newborn clothes (LOL! =an ancient words most likely by the time you read this!) 

At the time of this writing (12, Nov, 2015 10:36PM) I see you as a beautiful 6month old baby girl. The sad and amazing part, you'll keep growing to become an amazing, talented, and knowledgable woman. For mommy, and I that's kind of difficult to see, but that's because we would love to keep you our little baby girl. 

Lately I've been reflecting on certain aspects of my life, such as raising you, and seeing people in a different light. Now I have a deeper understanding of why parents always say to their children you'll always be their babies.Camila you will always, and to the full extent of the word, be my baby girl. No matter what happens or where life takes us, our love for you will stand and keep growing. As I look all around me I see other people's babies, whether they're old or young. Everyone is loved and everyone is special to someone else. Always look to the positive and let the rest roll off of you. Let your mind reach the creative and artistic potential I know is inside of there. 
I love you.

3 quotes to live by baby girl:

"The potential of mankind is measured by the size of their dreams"
"Don't complain about the things you have allowed"
"Treat other as you wish to be treated." 


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