#VZWHoustonSMB: Woman Power & Taking Risks

Verizon Minority Owned Business Event

**Disclaimer: This was a compensated post, all opinions expressed are my own & honest opinion**

This was one of the best free Summits you could have gone to gain information on how to grow your business through technology. This event had the perfect mixture of inspiration, motivation, and information! The keynote speaker, Linda Alvarado, was absolutely amazing and her story was inspiring. 

Woman Power

Houston Latina Bloggers & Linda Alvarado, Owner/President/CEO of Alvarado Construction

Thanks to women like her hopefully my daughter will never experience discrimination because she is a woman and a Latina in the workplace. Today she is the Owner, President, & CEO of Alverado Constructions & the Colorado Rockies because she didn't let all the "what is a good girl like you doing in a place like this." get her down. She believed in herself and pushed passed her "concrete" ceiling. She makes it impossible to say that a woman can't succeed in a male dominated industry because she is living proof that you can.

"Don't look for excuses, look for reasons."-Linda Alvarado

It's hard for me to understand that the entrepreneurial mindset is not something everyone has, mostly because I have surrounded myself with like-minded people, and this event just fit perfectly into what I'm striving for. In what I needed to hear in order to take the steps forward, it made me feel like this is where I was supposed to do. All of the information and the experinces that were shared made me feel like I wasn't alone. If you are starting your own business or even thinking about starting one talk about it, you really never know who is doing the same, but don't get discouraged when someone looks at you crazy. Every big business you see today started with a crazy idea, with a dream, don't let anyone steal your dreams away from you, protect them and move forward!

"We are all a product of the road we travel & our experiences" -Alex Davidson CEO Securranty

The Importance of taking Risks

We learned the power of taking risks, and the importance of trust between you and your customers. 
People are buying not only into your business, but into you as well. The important thing to remember is the first step is always the hardest! 

Often times we let our fear of making a mistake stop us from ever trying. We forget that making a mistake makes us human, we weren't designed to be perfect.
"It's better to ask a dumb question than to correct a dumb mistake." -Linda Alvarado
Making mistakes is how we learn, how we move forward, how we make progress and without progress your business wont grow.  Growth & education is vital in staying relevant and having a competitive advantage.

I will leave you all with this today.

We've all been told to stay humble, and not to "brag" about ourselves, but we were reminded by Laura Oldaker, CEO/Executive Director of By Your Side Senior Care, to not do ourselves the disservice by not telling the people around you about what your services, or what you could offer them. Don't be afraid to write your elevator speech! Sometimes a minute or two is all you have to make an impression!