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Our Thanksgiving in Austin TX

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we traveled to Austin to one of Jeff's family member's houses and it was magical. Given that the weather wasn't all that great, but we didn't let that keep up inside! We did so many things I'm gonna have to break it up so guess what you get a 3 part series! 

We stayed on a family friend's property not knowing exactly what to expect we were in awe of what we found! A private river, horses, fluffy cows, donkeys, llamas, sheep, & roosters! Oh, my everything was so beautiful! 

Thanksgiving morning we went for a walk by the river & on our way back the white horse was standing in the middle of the road. We didn't think she would walk towards us and let us pet her and take so many pictures, but she did! I even got a couple selfies (lol) 

When the rest of the animals kind of gathered around us it got a little scary. I had never been around so many unsupervised animals, it was the coolest experience ever. My little Camila wasn't awake yet because this was at like 6 in the morning, so she spent it sleeping in with her grandma!

Thanksgiving dinner was definitely a new experience for me. I'm used to old fashioned stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, & casseroles, but that's not what I got! Since everyone at Thanksgiving was Guatemalan except me it was a different kind of food. Lot's of fresh salads (cortidos) potato salad, a turkey with the bones already taken out! I was skeptical but starving so I dug in and everything had so much flavor, I was pleasantly surprised. 

How was your Thanksgiving? I want to hear all about it in the comments below! If you have a blog post on it I want to read it!! (leave a link to your post below!)

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