Baby's First Christmas Ornament

It baby's first Christmas! I can't believe we're less than 10 days away from christmas! Can you? The time is going by so fast it has me trying to catch my breath and process everything that has happened in the last year. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with her very first ornament. 

I was having such a hard time trying to decide what to get her, should I make one or buy one? Making one would be awesome but where would I find the time? Luckily (for me & my indecisive mind) My mom beat me to it but I loved it the moment she showed it to me. 

It's a little blue elephant with pink accessories. You might not know this but I'm in love with elephants and hold them close to my heart, just like my Camila! I wanted to see if she could find her ornament so we decided to show it to her on the Christmas tree.

After trying to grab the lights she eventually found it! This is going to be such a sweet thing to be able to give to her in the very very very distant future when she has a Christmas tree of her own! I'm very lucky to be able to capture these moments, like I said I feel like I need to sit down to catch my breath because she's growing up soo fast! 

I also attempted to take  a holiday themed 7 month picture but she was just not having it! She cried her little face off, threw herself backwards, & made grumpy little faces  the entire time. I tried to wait it out but after 3 naps and her crying everytime she saw the camera I gave up and decided that what I had would preserve the memory of her 7 month birthday, and the first time she threw a tantrum this dramatic! 

What did you do to capture the memory of your baby's first Christmas?